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Christ there are tons of emos on this forum.
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I think it looks dumb no matter how cool/successful the person is.
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Audemars Piguet
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Wearing Timex, in either Americana or ironic (same to well-off people wearing Swatches) fashion is one thing, wearing Timex Ironman 24/7 is another. The latter just screams "I exercise, like hardcore, bro". Definitely inappropriate, and rather DB-ish, IMO.

Originally Posted by apropos View Post
Christ there are tons of emos on this forum.

It's a clothing forum, for heaven's sake. Stop trying to pretend you're cooler than everyone else.
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This sure puts the debate about Submariner/Seamaster debate with a suit in a whole new light.
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The Timex Ironman or any digital watch with a suit is a look that I hate. Just kills the ensemble like wearning sneakers would.

The watch just needs to be appropriate, not necessarily expensive if one does not have the resources.

For me I subscribe to watches with leather straps when wearing suits and sport coats and keep my steel bracelet watches for more casual dress.
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Originally Posted by Star View Post
Although I like expensive watches I believe that the 'man makes the watch' and not the other way around. You can have a diamond encrusted Rolex (or a second hand Submariner with a spec of dust in the dial), however if you are an @sshole you are still an @sshole with or without the watch. You can also be a top shelf type of guy wearing the Timex.

With some of these guys there is no need to look at their wrist to measure their success. Their achievements be it in business or family shouts out loud more than any watch could.

Too true.

One cannot justify an expensive watch in the same way as one can justify expensive shoes or suits: the "better fit/feel" reasoning just doesn't hold water the same way. A $50 watch can tell time just about as well as a $5,000 one, and the right $50 watch looks pretty decent whenever it pokes out from under a suit sleeve.

(Oh, and yes, wearing an 'athletic' watch with a suit is wrong. Dude, $50 for a decent dress watch isn't gonna kill ya if y'all can afford a suit to begin with.)
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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
It's a clothing forum, for heaven's sake. Stop trying to pretend you're cooler than everyone else.
Next to you, I can't help it.
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I'll cop to having done it before, though usually with a sportcoat and tie, not a suit. My excuse is that it's tough to run a practice with an analog watch.
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Originally Posted by syberhat View Post
Ive been looking for a sporty watch I can pull off at work but have not found one yet. I noticed Henry Paulson (the US Sec. of Treasury) wears a sports watch with his suits - this guy use to be the CEO of Goldman too. Here is a picture: http://globalisering.sogeti.nl/wp-co.../11/hpaul1.jpg

A partner at the bank I work for has a Seiko diver on a rubber strap that he wears often with suits. He told me that hes had it since the 70s. I guess if you really like the watch then it'll match anything..

thanks for posting this...this is exactly what I was referring too. although i dont think he has as much style as the gentleman I posted but i do feel he is continuing the trend I have spotted recently. thanks.
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if i was to wear an ironman with a suit to show how hardcore i am, i'd probably wear my asics running shoes too.
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I think digital watches with suits pop up more in government--it says "I am a conscientous public servant" (or that's the idea at least)
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Only Rolex with a dust should be worn with suit.
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In the photo posted by Tony I am wearing a Polar watch made for showing your heart frequency. The simplest and less expensive one.

I bought it for function but love it also for its aestetics. This is why I sometime wear it also with suits. I love the idea of something cheap that is as aestetically nice as something very expensive (I hasten to add this applies very rarely to shoes).

This is it, although I have to admit I also like to be out of the chorus. It is quite "easy" and "normal" to wear a Rolex but I do not like easy and normal things a lot. You can call it conformism to the contrary but this is how it works for me....

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Does anyone know what kind of watch the Zegna guy is wearing? it looks like an all black Polsar f6 but after close examination of it i don't think it is. anyone know?
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