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Foul Weather Shoes

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Check out this deal (good until Sunday): -20% off 32905 -Stack with free shipping riddle answer (include in the the comments section): Catalog: Sierra Outdoors Summer 2005 Riddle Page: 41 Riddle: After a two-day mule trip, a mattress magnate provided the capital to build a skyscraper rail line to make the trip easier. Tell us where it went and earn free regular ground shipping on your entire order. My Answer: The Summit of Pikes Peak I just paid $165 TOTAL shipped to my door for the following: - Brown Ralph Lauren Bierley Boots (chelsea) - Brown Paraboot Bluchers
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What do you think of the Paraboots?
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Nice, thanks. Anyone heard of Michael Toschi? I really like these. Do you have URLs for the ones you ordered? I can't find the chukkas. Edit: nevermind, I found them both.
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Anyone heard of Michael Toschi?
Yes, I've tried some on before. Their principal selling point is some sort of high-tech comfort system that they use. I don't know how much of that is real and how much is hype, but the shoes are very comfortable. I've coveted these for a while, but, alas, STP never seems to have them:
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Norcal, for those of us with impaired reading comprehension, what exactly do you do with the riddle to get the free shipping? Just put the answer in comments?
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yeah, stick the riddle into the comments. I better stop looking at that website or I might be tempted to pick up the Paraboot Chukkas.... or Bill's Khakis for <$48
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What do you think of the Paraboots?
I havent received them yet. I actually ordered two pairs to cover the sizing. I mean, for $63 + $5 return shipping fee, the Paraboots are cheaper than a pair of Kenneth Cole... on sale, no less. $94 for Italian RL Chelsea Boots... perfect bad weather shoes. I figure they'll last at least two winters, and look a lot better than the Tims I don from time to time.
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Thanks, norcal. I've been watching those Paraboots for months, but they don't have my size anymore. I'm probably going to get some trousers.
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norcal, Is this 20% off in addition to the 20% off currently being offered on the site(20% + 20%)? Or is it the same 20% off plus the riddle for the free shipping ? Thank you,
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20% off PLUS an additional 20% off for a total of 36% off, and tack on the riddle in the comments box for free shipping.
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VERY NICE ... Isaia suit here I come ......
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Just placed my order for three pairs of cotton trousers (no suitable Bill's in my size, alas): two from Jeff Rose and one by Scott Barber. Total: $91 (+ shipping). I assume the shipping charge will be removed when the order is processed.* Thanks, norcal.   *Edit: Received an email saying I got the riddle right and the shipping charge had been removed.
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Isaia suit here I come ......
That was my first thought.  Then I remembered I am a 40R.  Oh the pain . . .
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Thanks for the tip. I just placed an order for an Isaia suit at $480. I'm hoping it fits like a glove. The price is pretty much unbeatable.
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