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Leather accessories

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Just wondering what everyone's favorite leather brands were for accessories like wallets, briefcases, etc. For me, I am partial to Goldpfeil, which is really hard to find here in the U.S. My briefcase is from them. I also like Seeger and Tanner Krolle. Here's my rundown of leather goods I own: briefcase: Goldpfeil portfolio: Tanner Krolle pen holder: Louis Vuitton wallet: Seeger checkbook holder: Gucci belts: Prada, Coach, Bally & Tanino Crisci dresser valet: T. Anthony overnight bag: Holland & Holland My next leather purchase is going to be a case for my Palm. I've been waiting for Loewe to come out with theirs and am on the waiting list. Just curious...
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I don't use a whole lot of leather goods but here's what I do have: briefcase: prada palm case: louis vuitton wallet: gucci card holder: prada belts: gucci and banana republic
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excellent taste. hey, could you tell me more about your H&H overnight bag? i'm going to the NYC store this fall, and was considering something like that, or from jack spade. thanks. myself, i don't do too many leathergoods these days, just a black croc glossy wallet and watchband, and pigskin planner from smythson of bond street.
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Three more to add.   Credit Card Holder: Bottega Veneta Toiletries bag:  Prada gym bag:  Ghurka
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Jack Spade is great stuff. I have 2 bags from his line and my dopp kit is a Spade. I didn't include them in my earlier post because they aren't leather. But if you are looking for a good laptop case or casual bag, it's the way to go. They will last forever.
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Smythson is amazing, as is Dunhill. --European Interloper
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Foxx: I haven't been to the store in awhile, but my H&H bag is great, albeit it cost an arm and a leg. I have to admit that I always raise an eyebrow or two when I look at the prices in general at this store. Anyway, my bag is a canvas one with leather trim. They have an all leather collection as well for luggage, but I don't like getting all leather for luggage because I worry about it getting scratched up. Jack Spade is good too for more casual stuff. There's a store here in NY and they also sell Jack Spade at Barneys and Saks. In terms of durability, I'd also recommend Ghurka. I have a gym bag from them, and the thing will last forever, I know. Plus it looks better with age.
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I don't have a need for too many leather goods, but in general I like things that are somewhat more casual, and not as ubiquitous as Jack Spade: Messenger bags: Rafe New York, Rugby North America and John Varvatos. All can be found at Barneys. Saks carries some Varvatos and Rafe. Also at various specialty stores. Belts: Ferragamo (dress), John Varvatos (Jeans and casual) Wallets: Paul Smith Accessories - although, as I've posted earlier, I don't use a wallet any longer.
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I agree with thc and DallasBoy..I think Jack Spade's messenger bag are pretty great.. I know some of their lines are ubiquitous as LA guy said... but I have one and it's comfortable and nice for a casual look... Another bag I use is this Prada laptop bag.. fits well, sturdy etc etc... but I'm thinkin about a more nice leather briefcase that's not too big/bulky.. I don't want to look too old if you know what I mean I heard Ferragamo has nice ones.. and Prada/Gucci have great soft leather collections.. Any suggestion from you guys?
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Again, Alfred Dunhill make the definitive english gentleman's leather, so I suggest that you at least look at their inventory at Otherwise, Gucci has great soft leather products, but Prada comes in (as always, I'm recently finding) low on my list of good leather products. For leather-bound address books and the like, try Smythson of Bond Street. Otherwise, Ferraggamo does amazing leather (belts especially) and Burberry Prosurum has some great leather jackets. If you want something humourous, try Paul Smith. Not only are the products very well constructed, but they also have a twist to them: a pink lining, or even an ancient esquire-esque nude sketch in the card holder. I love my Paul Smith wallet, even though I never use it, just because of that cute naked lady. He's a very funny person, I must admit. --European Interloper
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Dragonfly:  I'd go for something classic looking, but not stuffy.  You don't want to be too flashy especially if you're in a conservative environment like a bank or a law firm.  In terms of brands, pretty much every brand out there will have at least one model which I'm sure you'd like as far as the image it projects.  The brands you mentioned are good.  I personally like Seeger, Goldpfeil (both German brands), Loewe (spanish), Valextra (italian) and Tanner Krolle (UK) though because they're a lot harder to find and not many people have stuff from any of them.  And, they're just as statusy and exclusive as Gucci, Prada, et. al.  Let me know if you want to know more about any of these brands.  Each has a website too.
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Does anyone have anything from Valextra? I was looking at their stuff at Bergdorfs and was really impressed.
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hey thc.. thanks for the suggestion.. I'm actually familiar with Loewe (from Spain).. I used to live in Europe for a while back.. so I know they make good leather accessories...for some reason, I haven't really seen them a lot in NYC though.. As for the other brands you mentioned, I guess I'll check them out soon... Another brand that I'm also thinking is this Italian brand, A. Testoni, that makes exclusive leather products,i.e. shoes, briefcase, etc...
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Dragonfly: In New York, Crouch and Fitzgerald sells Goldpfeil. Bergdorf's sells Tanner Krolle & Valextra. And as far as I know, Loewe mens accessories isn't carried by any store in New York. What I did was call the store in Honolulu and they sent me a catalog. I'm planning to order some things soon. I don't know much about A. Testoni briefcases, but I'm sure they're good quality. A. Testoni makes my favorite shoes--I must have at least 6 pairs of A. Testonis. Very good quality leather goods out of Bologna..
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