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Help - First Good Suit

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I stumbled accross SF late in February and have enjoyed it ever since. I have learned a ton about everything from hangers (I just ordered the ones from Walgreens that everyone seemed to recommend.) to ties. I need help buying my first good suit, and could use some help. Actually, I'm looking to buy three suits over the next several months. I'm a lawyer in Salt Lake, and I'm a 40R. I would preferrably like to spend no more than $700 per suit, but if I need to go more to get something I love, I will. Based on your recommendations (I think it was johnnynorman3) in an earlier thread, I want to start with a solid, charcoal grey, two-button with a slightly higher stance. I know that is fairly particular, so I'm flexible and open to your suggestions. If possible, I'm looking for a high-quality suit at eBay type prices. Salt Lake has a couple of decent stores, but with limited selection and only two sales a year. I have been searching eBay daily for a month and have seen nothing: either the fabrics have too much pattern for a good first suit or they're $1,300 for at Attolini, which I aspire to but can't afford right now. Any advise would be very much appreciated.
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There are a bunch of Isaia suits in your size that are close to your price range on Sierra Trading Post. With the coupon they are about $900 or so. Here is one:
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Those will probably be too big -- the 52 won't fit unless he's actually more like a 41R.
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They had some 50Rs that i saw, I guess they are sage glen plaid, never mind unless he likes that color/pattern, they did have a dark grey windowpane as well but that may be too bold.
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What suits do you wear 40R in? I could get you a Hickey Freeman for $475, and I'd be happy to send it to you. I could get you probably a 2 or 3 button in a charcoal color, most likely single vented. I'm on the small side of 40R and the HF 40R is just ever so slightly big. But if you are a true 40R, it'd work.
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A 40R is just a titch large, but a Hickey Freeman would be good. I would prefer side vents, however, if I can find it. As I mentioned in my initial post, if I need to spend a little more to get something great, that is an option. What do you think about my price range?
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I think your price range is totally doable. There is a 40R Isaia in mid-grey on Ebay right not (seller Joeclothing) that might be what you are looking for (it is in Sciamarra Spider wool, which is going to be pretty lightweight, I think. Also, the top button shouldn't be buttoned, which is why the picture in the auction looks so weird).
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I think your best bet is eBay, although you're going to have to become less picky (i.e., charcoal suit rather than high-stance, two-button charcoal suit).  Be patient, and keep in mind that desirable items in 40R are likely to be the subject of competitive bidding (from folks like me).  Here is an example of a nice Zegna that is currently at a low bid price.
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Thank you both, Johnnynorman3 and Ambulance Chaser.
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