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Final price drop - NWT Battistoni suit

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Battistoni moved to new consolidation thread.

1. NWT Battistoni 3 button S150s spring/summer suit in a beige / taupe plaid with a faint overcheck, 52L (US 42L), drop 7, dual vent, purchased from Barneys
It's a really beautiful suit - great fabric, soft tailoring, high arm holes, perfect for spring and summer. Basted sleeves for working button holes, tailor's thread on the shoulders and pockets. Was probably somewhere around $3,000RP.

  • Length (bottom of collar) - 32.75"
  • Sleeves - 26.25"
  • Shoulders - 19.5"
  • Chest - 23" (my measurements here may be a little off, but it's a relatively consistent US 42 jacket)
  • Waist (pants are double pleated) - 36" (my measurement, despite the drop 7 marking on the label)

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Original thread:

Gentlemen - long-time lurker, more recent member and first-time seller. I have a few NWT or NWOT items for sale all of which were originally intended for my own wardrobe, but which were never tailored - mostly due to sizing misses - a hazard of online shopping (you will notice a rather narrow range of sizes - 40/42/44 suits / jackets). Each has been stored on suit / jacket hangers. I'm not a regular seller of goods either here or on Ebay and do not intend for this to become a regular occurrence, but I have been prompted to sell 1) to reclaim some coveted storage space (a rarity for a NYC resident), 2) due to increasingly vociferous threats from my better half, and, perhaps most importantly, 3) as a result of a very recent change in career trajectory and an attendant reduction in my need for dressy clothes. I am also creating a second thread with shoes (Grenson for PS, AE), ties (Borrelli, T&A, Brioni) and Woodlore shoe trees.

In terms of pricing, I'm trying not to be piggish - I did a little forum research to try to determine a fair price, but I'd honestly like for these pieces to find a good home where they will be used, so would appreciate feedback on the pricing if forum regulars find it unrealistic. I will accept Paypal (that said, until now my account has only ever disbursed funds, never received them, so you might need to bear with me while I figure out how to reverse directions) and the prices include shipping in the CONUS. International shipping could certainly be arranged, but I'd need to do a little work to figure out how much more to charge for shipping. I'll also give a good faith and reasonable guarantee (less shipping costs) if things don't work out - just as long as the goods are returned in the same condition.

Please PM or reply with any questions. Thanks in advance for looking.

PS - if any potential purchasers are concerned about my transactional bona fides, please PM me and I would be happy to share my Ebay feedback as a purchaser (including purchases from many of the regulars on this forum). I know it isn't the same as being a seller, but hopefully it will put minds at ease.

2. NWT Oxxford 2 button S140s beige / brown jacket with a multi checks, 42L, dual vent, purchased from Saks. Fall / winter 2007/08 model.
Gorgeous jacket. I believe the fabric is s140 or s150 (the tag says Range 5 - based on my existing Oxxford suits - range 3 = s120s and Range 4 = s130s, so I surmise Range 5 = s140/150). Gibbons model, beautiful construction. Again, basted sleeves for working button holes / tailor's thread on the shoulders, etc. Original RP was $2995 at Saks. SOLD

  • Length (bottom of collar) - 33.25"
  • Sleeves - 26.5"
  • Shoulders - 19.75"
  • Chest - 23"

3. NWT Isaia 3-roll-2 button jacket in houndstooth pattern (primary colors – beige, blue). Marked 54S drop 8, but given Isaia’s sizing, is probably a little closer to a 42-43R. Dual vent. Purchased from Neiman Marcus.Lovely, classic odd jacket in s110 wool, excellent construction. Stewart G model. Basted sleeves for working button holes, tailor’s thread, etc. Original RP was probably somewhere around $2000. SOLD

  • Length (bottom of collar) – 30.75"
  • Sleeves – 25.5"
  • Shoulders – 19.5"
  • Chest – 23.5"

4. NWOT / Barely Worn Castangia 3 button jacket in grey blue / slate muted glen plaid. Size isn’t marked inside, but if I recall it is a 50R (US 40R – measurements would suggest the same). Center vent. Unlined, but with beautifully finished seams; superb construction as one would expect from Castangia. Sleeve buttons are sewn on, but could easily be altered to have working button holes. Wool, but not sure what grade – it has a soft but heavier, flannelized hand. It’s a lovely jacket in an interesting color, but is too small for me. No idea what retail on this was - purchased from a very reputable Ebay seller who represented that the jacket was NWOT. I can attest that I have not altered it or worn it (it doesn't fit me). SOLD

[b]5. NWOT Boglioli 3 button jacket in a lightweight navy blue bird’s eye fabric, 52R (US 42R). Dual vent. Relatively trim fitting. Purchased from Bergdorf Goodman. Excellent year round jacket in a versatile color / pattern. Has gold lining, ticket pocket, soft construction. I believe that original retail was $900. SOLD

Thanks again for looking.
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That's a great introductory paragraph. Best of luck in your sales.

Originally Posted by TC11201 View Post
Thanks again for looking. Also, there is plenty more to come if people have interest (hardly worn Kiton and T&A dress shirts, brand new ties (Barneys and others), barely worn EG, Moreschi (Norwegian welt) and other shoes, NWT HF and BB sweaters - if any of those are of interest, please let me know and I'll go to work putting together another thread).

I'm sure I speak for many in saying yes, definite interest!
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Not my size but your prices are very fair. Good luck with the sales.
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PM sent for #4 and #5...
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If whusurdadi falls through, I'll take #5.
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Originally Posted by Crooow View Post

I'm sure I speak for many in saying yes, definite interest!


Plus any guy that can use the word vociferous appropriately in a Buy/Sell thread, is worth reading for the pure entertainment value of the post alone.
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No need to apologize for your prices, they are low.
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Significant (10%-30%) price drops to each of the remaining items. Make an offer if you're interested. Thanks for looking.
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PM sent on #2
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I highly recommend this seller!
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The Oxxford has now been sold. Final price drop on the Battistoni ($500 or make me a reasonable offer) - it's a beautiful spring suit.
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Originally Posted by agoldf View Post
I highly recommend this seller!

+1. I love the Isaia sport coat he sent me.
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Amazing packaging and very fast shipping.
The quality of his wares are amazing.
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A+ seller - super fast shipping/super well packed/super fast communicating - and great stuff to boot!
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I like #1, but I wear a 42R. Is it possible for a tailor to turn a 42L into a 42R?
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