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+rep, amnesiac, thanks for the info.
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How slim are the Pique polos and the Slim fit flat front trousers?
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post
what linen shirt colors were looking good? did you buy plain or ones with a pattern?

I got the light blue. The solids were on sale, the fine stripes were too. Can't remember too much about exact specifics. There were also linen shirts that weren't on sale.
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^^ Good memory man... now if you can do this weekly. jk.
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Originally Posted by amnesiac View Post
I was there Friday and saw the following on sale:

-linen shirts (not sure which ones) - $20
-vintage chinos - $30
-broadcloth shirts with roll up sleeves that button down - $20
-some jeans on sale, colored dogstooth ones i think (they were hideous)
-cotton peacoat is clearing for $30 - a bunch in black
-micro houndstooh blazer in slim and regular cut - $50
-fine merino wool sweaters left over (cardigan and v neck, but all mostly XS) - $10
-pima cotton t shirts in select solid colors - $10
-some of the gingham shirts might have been on sale, but i can't really remember...

those are the things i remember and tried out. I ended up getting the cheap blazer, a linen shirt, and broadcloth. I also got some of the graphic t shirts for bumming around. The peacoat (s) fit really great, a bit slimmer than my Sterlingwear (36) but I have no need for a black cotton peacoat even if it's only $30...

Can you confirm that the Uniqlo Vintage Chinos were $30 and not $35? I was going to go through rottenappleproxy to get a few pairs but they told be 2 for $70. I don't mind paying the service fees but I don't want to get shafted on the actual price of the pants. Thanks for posting this info. It was much appreciated.
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They were $30 the first week of april too
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They're $30, but I'm guessing rottenappleproxy would have to pay NY sales tax? Not quite ten bucks, but still.
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People who are shocked by proxies charging extra need to get over it. It's a pain in the ass to travel to the stores, find the exact item, wait in line, go to the post office and wait in more lines, etc... If you don't like it, find a different way. They're there for convenience not to be the supercheapest method. Not saying you're like this, but i see people appalled in resale threads where people are asking for like $10 more than retail or something for brand new shirts.
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^ Yeah, but he could just call the stores and have the item shipped directly to his address. No sale taxes either.

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I meant proxies in general. But yea, i don't know why people are that lazy/dumb
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Thanks for the info guys and I wasn't complaining. I just want to know all the facts.

I need to use a proxy because Uniqlo doesn't ship to Canada. I wasn't complaining about the extra fees. I'll gladly pay those and rottenappleproxy adds a separate service charge for exactly that; getting the merchandise for me (ie going to the store, waiting in line, etc.) and they add the sales tax also. They can make that charge however much they want to and they can say that the price of the pants are $40 each whether they are on sale or not. As long as I know all the accurate facts, I can then chose to use the service or not. That is all I was trying to determine.
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The gilded age designer collaboration is really nice.

Stand out bits are the cinch back chinos, ridiculously soft oxfords, and short sleeve henleys.
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is the new collab in the NYC store? if so I may swing by there in the next day or two.
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Originally Posted by MiniW View Post
is the new collab in the NYC store? if so I may swing by there in the next day or two.

The gilded age is in the little corner as you come into the store on the left side. The shipley is all over the first floor womens section.

Opening ceremony is now on sale near the rear of the store on the upper floor. TONS of product as of last sunday when I went.

I picked up the gilded age cotton blazer in khaki color and want to get it in navy but these collabs don't seem to be doing too well and they go on sale rather quick. I'll swing by in a few weeks and see what's going on.
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Hows the zip up sweater for Gilded Age? it looks comfortable
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