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Vass Book -- "Handmade Shoes for Men"

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I don't know why I took so long to buy this book, as there are nearly always several available for sale on EBay. I bought one on Ebay new for about $12 about a week ago. This book is spectacular and would be of great interest to anyone who likes shoes. The books goes way, way beyond describing how shoes are made. It is well written too, with tons of great color pictures. The book describes foot types/problems; arch issues (interestingly, confirming what my doctor said about the importance of arch supports for many people). There are great descriptions of the various types of shoes -- what makes a derby versus oxford; half brogue versus full brogue. Different types of lasts and shoe construction. Great descriptions and pictures regarding care and refurbishment of shoes, etc. etc. It's a must have.
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Agreed. Must read for shoe freaks. Great photos too.
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I think I mentioned it before, it's cheap at Daedalus Books.
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I guess I didn't buy it for a while thinking it was probably just a book about stitching together men's dress shoes. Was I wrong -- it's much more a book about high-end men's shoes generally.
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It's a great book.
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Thanks for the link shoreman.
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This book used to be very scarce and sold for $40-60 per if you were lucky enough to find it. Recently,a huge cache was found in a warehouse in Maryland and the prices plummeted to about $7.00 ea for awhile.I think I bought 6 copies.Gave one to my shoemaker.Henceforth,I get very good service.
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