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Like the jacket, hate the trousers. Nothing wrong with the fabric, in the abstract.
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Is there a name for those types of pocket trousers? (other than bad?)
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Oooh.  Wasn't paying attention.  Those are slanted welt pockets.  On the front of a pair of trousers?  If that has a specific name, I am unaware of it.  Not good, I agree.
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Is there a name for those types of pocket trousers? (other than bad?)
Poches cavalières
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It is the work of Satan.
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Love the jacket.Hate the pants. Right very Steve McQueen in the 'The Thomas Crown Affair'. I want a suit coat JUST LIKE THAT.
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It is the work of Satan.
Tell us what you really think... Jon.
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Wear it on your first day of work at the law firm when you drive up in your CLK 430.  I guarantee that the partners will know who you are rather quickly. I like the suit, but would be concerned about how the color goes with your complexion.  Let us know how that works out.
hahaha. good one. Don't worry, I know better than to wear this to work. On the first day I'm concerned about the complexion thing too, and I like bigger patterns. Worst thing to say, I know, but I got a really good deal on it...thus can flip the thing if it doesn't work out.
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Very stylish, and yes, very "Thomas Crown." Not suitable for business wear unless you work in a style-friendly industry, or for a funeral (except maybe at Forest Lawn), but if in accord with one's personal aesthetic, quite smart all the same, especially with turtleneck and Chelsea boots.
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LOL, suit arrived today. To be honest, it was such a good deal I was a little affraid it might be a fake Brioni. Upon receiving it, I'm certain it's real. "Feels" just like the Brioni I own, and plenty of handwork. With those pants, I gotta wonder when this suit was made. My other Brioni has a year of manufacture in the pocket, but this one's is blank. Given the slant pockets, and the fact that it came with a skinny self-fabric belt(.)...I'm guessing it's gotta be pretty old, early 70's? Maybe it was dead stock or something? It was NWTs. Anyway, pics to follow.
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A '70s pair of slacks will have minimal rise, small belt loops (for narrow belts), no pleats, will fit tight to the knee and then either flare or fall straight without taper to a wide leg opening. This started to change in the early '80s. Of course, this is all hearsay because I'm not old enough to any first-hand experience (yeah, right).
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A ridiculous pose for a ridiculous suit.  I really need to buy a workhorse business suit...anyways, like the belt?  Very skinny, dunno if a leather belt will fit these loops. Can you think of alternatives? Feeling quite 'Collateral', even though his suit was much different: Nice shot of the pattern matching Fuzzy pic of the front, buttoned
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I really dig that suit.
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i like the overall setup you have there. but if it were me, i'd try on a different but similer bottom or top so it doesn't look like you were trying hard to match or something. to be on the safe side, maybe just wear it to someplace where it's ok to be "stylish" at first
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I really dig that suit. Its sweet.
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