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Last minute trip

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I know it has little to do with clothes (although I assume recommendations could include "cothes to bring" or "artisans to visit") but: I am in the process of changing jobs and won't start work again until April 4 and have found myself with some unexpected time on my hands. I am looking to plan a spur of the moment trip (leave this Sunday and return on Thursday/Friday?) and am hoping for some recommendations from this group. I have no real agenda just looking for a fun trip. US or international destinations are welcome - I've been to London several times but other than that haven't traveled extensively. Note: I'm 29 years old and will be traveling alone as [another long story] I broke up with a girlfriend of 10 years recently and am now looking to fill the hours alone. Not that this matters but just to provide the context that "romance" isn't at the top of the list when it comes to picking a destination. Thanks and I look forward to suggestions.
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Go down to Cancun or Panama Beach. Its Spring Break now. You can find yourself girls that are just looking for fun and not a serious relationship. Seems like that's what you want right now.
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Not necessarily - just an opportunity to get away and go somewhere I haven't been. Thanks.
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where are you located?
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Not necessarily - just an opportunity to get away and go somewhere I haven't been.  Thanks.
Then, where have you NOT been? Actually, I'm not the best person to ask, because 4 times out of 5, I will recommend Italy. What do you want/like to do? Beach? Shop? Tour historically significant landmarks? Hike? Dine? Meet others? Learn? See beauty? How much do you want to spend on a plane ticket? It's pretty late notice for an advance-purchase ticket.
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Have you checked the deals on Travelzoo and other last-minute bargain sites? What's your budget? In addition to all the usual European suspects, what about someplace beautiful in this hemisphere? A rainforest park in Costa Rica or a trip to Peru? Maybe natural beauty would be just the thing after a breakup.
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Buenos Aires. It's a long haul, but it's worth it.
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Depends on where you are, but Bermuda is a nice place for a 4-day trip. No good clothes shopping, but that's OK. Probably good golf/reading/sightseeing weather now-- too cold for the beach.
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Where are you located? I imagine you want something different than where you are.
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in such a case, there is only one place to go, my friend.......I found myself in a similar situation, when my wife was out of town, and i had just recently been informed i would have to lay off my entire staff at work/ hope we can find you a new position/ hope you find a new position....... NEW.......YORK........CITY.......... (needles to say, after "powering up" in new york, i found a new job very quickly, and now make more than my previous position. I naturally assume it happened as a result of being in such close proximity to all those brioni suits and ties on fifth avenue).
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Live in Philly. Spend quite a bit of time in NYC (my back-up if nothing else jumps out as a good idea). I enjoy cafes, coffee shops, outdoor shops and cities with a lot of walking opportunities. Spend the summer at the beach so I don't need the tropical climate just yet. Expense isn't a primary consideration. Thinking about Prague, Budapest, Geneva, Hong Kong? As you can see I'm wide open to locations - I plan to just buy a ticket, book a room and go. Italy has some appeal but I'm not sure where with just a few days to spend there (three or four?) Thanks.
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Budapest -- get some custom made Vass after looking at all the beautiful women.
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Come visit me in Vietnam. You can view some of my pics here Beautiful scenery, cheap tailoring, $2 per hour massage, nice beaches. Beautiful women to help you get over love lost. Hotels and internal travel dirt cheap too. Frustrating place to live, but great place to visit. Plus, if you get bored, go to Cambodia, check out Angkor Wat.
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Wow, M@t, a couple of those pix makes me really hope you like your latest suit purchase. Now run that whole $2/massage past me again??? Is this an actual massage? or a "massage"?
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Budapest, Vienna, Prague, all of those are great choices. Keep in mind that language is a barrier in Budapest as there are not yet too many English speakers, not so for the other two cities. Also keep in mind that its DAMN cold there right now, although if you are in Philly it probably won't be that much worse, it's midwestern style weather, teens to 20s in the day, single digits or less at night. Vienna is somewhat more temperate, Prague is about the same or worse than Budapest. All are wonderful cities.
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