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I'll be away during that time, so I won't be able to attend...but I'm interested when another get together is planned.

...I would also suggest someplace more inclusive; some of us use SF to improve the way we dress and don't have the budget to be dining at Edmonton's finest. I'm not talking about some shitty chain, just a good value for the money.

...I hope I didn't come off as a cheap-ass
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No worries at all. Just thinking along the lines of what we have done in the past! We all could save a bit of money (SF has a way of draining disposable income rapidly)

How about Cactus Club? Decent food at a decent price?
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This is a great idea! Is this still a go or are we going to wait for Div to be free?

If it's on a Thursday I can swing by for a drink after 9pm.
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I'm holding a pop-up on May 2 & 3 at Barber Ha on Whyte Ave. I'll be including a few non-vintage items too (shirts, shoes, etc). Details in the spoiler.

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