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Originally Posted by gfreeman View Post
I tried on the Player's Shoe and it fits great in a 9D... but I read that the Player's Shoe comes on the Executive Last (222) and not the #5 last, i.e. the Strand's last?

Is that so? I could have sworn that the guys at the shoe bank told me Players were on the 5 last! Either way, the executive is very close to the 5. My Van Ness are executive, I'm a 8E whereas I am in a 8D on the 5.

I hate the CUPW. Remind me to never vote NDP again.
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Hmmm, you could be right; this is just what I've discovered searching this forum and the interwebs. Would pulling the trigger on a pair of 9D Strands be a good move? I'm sure if they don't fit like I want them too I can just send them back.,
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I'd say so. Are you ordering brand new from AE or a pair of seconds?

The guy selling in B&S has great prices. His name is allaboutshoes.
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I'm leaning toward brand new, but I'll take a look at allaboutshoes's stuff right now. Also decided to go with walnut for the Strands. I really want the Player's Shoe in dark chocolate or navy now, too. Arrrrrgh.
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His stuff is new, he gets them cheaper somehow! First quality, comes with the bags too.

I have 2 pairs of AE seconds and they are both terrific, with unnoticeable flaws. I got my fifth aves for $179 and van ness for $139.

I'm with you on the players. Really want them in navy!
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Yeah, I'm definitely going to go through allaboutshoes. I'm going to send him a PM now.
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Which ones are you ordering from him?

I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on a pair of of players...
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Walnut Strands. The Player's Shoe is selling for $375 at Eddie's... WTF! They're $325 on the American website (which is $321.16CDN right now, and even with the ridiculous $45 international shipping that would be cheaper than buying them at Eddie's). I wonder what allaboutshoes could get them for; if he could get them for a sub-$300 price I would have to really really really convince myself not to order some.
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He's quoted me $265 shipped
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Hey guys, Quick shameless self-promo. I have some good stuff for sale and thought I'd make an effort to notify the locals here. Biggest steal getting no notice are the Armani pants. They're something: I'll be quiet on here for the next little bit (besides selling), but I'll be back soon enough, and with plans for another night out.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
He's quoted me $265 shipped


...good thing I have an actual salary coming in now, or I'd be fucked.
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Originally Posted by gfreeman View Post

...good thing I have an actual salary coming in now, or I'd be fucked.

Let me know if you go for it.

I very well might join you for a group buy
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Originally Posted by linkinwayne View Post
Thought so. Shame, really wanted to get my hands on some Aventus.

Anyway, fellow SF member is raiding my clothes and driving me to the airport in 3 hours After that, I'll be leaving Edmonton at 12pm and (most likely) will never come back. It's been a pretty great journey/experience, and Edmonton isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. There are some awesome places and it's more about the company than anything else, really. I was lucky to make some amazing friends.

Take care, those of you left

Somehow missed this post.

Sorry we only met recently, we did hit it off great and could have had a few more get togethers!

Take care in Malaysia and may you do great in all your endeavours!
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Shameless self plug. Buy my stuff guys.
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Hmmm, I could use that overcoat...
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