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bespoke shoes

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I'm thinking of ordering my first bespoke shoes. I'm thinking of brown shell cordovan boots. The shoemakers charges 1750 Euro. Is this a normal price, if he is good? What would something like this cost me at the more famous shoemakers? And are cordovan boots a good choice? I never wear a suit, so it is for casual occassions.
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The price for bespoke boots you have quoted sounds reasonable. As far as shell cordovan goes, I like it. Being muscle tissue (from a horses rear quarters) it is denser that box calf. I have found that they take a better shine than calf and have a nice 'look' about them. They are slightly heavier than calf skin but we're only talking ounces. Enjoy, once you go bespoke, you'll never look back.
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Just some words of caution that since you'd be spending a good deal of money on the boots, you'd, presumably, want to get much use out of them year 'round---Make certain you want to make the commitment to *boots* rather than regular shoes. For your first pair of bespoke shoes, the latter option might be the way to go. Less expensive, too, probably, and possibly more comfortable in the long run. Grayson
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I agree with Marc. I almost never wear boots. And there's no point on having your first bespoke purchase be someting that you won't get the most use out of. Maybe some shell cordovan shoes? But if it's boots you want, the price sounds good.
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