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Carlo Franco Ties at Drinkwaters

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Carlo Franco ties are now at Drinkwaters. A selection of the Signature series are there, including one of the true sevenfolds, as well as the ties from the regular Como and Campagna lines. I would encourage anyone in the Boston area to check out the store to check out Chuck's latest and greatest creationl. For anyone in the area who doesn't already own some of Chuck's ties, seeing them on the internet is a very, very, weak substitute for seeing and feeling them by hand. For the more casually inclined, there is also a really cool bedford cord jacket in the store that begs to be seen. Also, Gary has kindly allowed me to do the casualwear windows (featuring Engineered Garments outerwear - sadly, the new Engineered Garments accessories, which I think are the highlight of the collections, aren't in yet), although he wouldn't let me put my battered old GTO-1 years in the windows... , and we will be redoing the dresswear windows tonight in preparation for his trunk show tomorrow. Come by and take a look. LA meets New England? It's like some bad cop/buddy movie. I'd love to get input on whether you like them and what you would like to see.
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Whoops, didn't mean to emasculate Chuck. I meant *Carlo* Franco ties, of course.
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F, Will you post pictures of your display? S
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S, Will definitely try to post some pictures. Am wondering whether Gary has his digital camera at the store today. F.
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I should have taken pictures when I was checking out the windows one night. They are definitely well done. I'll definitely check out the new Countess Franco ties when I get a chance.
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Camera ready.
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I'd like to see them too. Are they going to be there all season? I will be in New England in May, I think.
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Just finished the windows at Drinkwaters.  Personally, I think that they look great, but I'm biased.   The dresswear window was done with Gary's Southwick et al. trunk show tomorrow in mind, and features a charcoal pinstripe two button suit, and a very intricate sportsjacket small windowpane and with gold, russet (maybe?), blue, and brown, and contrasting weaves (actually very subtle, but hard to describe) both by Southwick.  The sportsjacket is worn with a blue, white and yellow striped shirt and a golden yellow with light blue rep striped Carlo Franco tie.  BTW, not featured in the trunk show tomorrow are Aster shirts (from Naples, I think?), which are pretty decent value for the money and quite nice. The sportswear window features a dark denim jacket and a spring weight mustard barn/duster coat, both by Engineered Garments. Gary took the pictures, but has his trunk show tomorrow.  Those of you who are going by there, check out the windows at least.  For everyone else, I'll try to post pics on Friday.
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F, Looking forward to seeing the pictures. R.
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LOL, calling me Carla or even Countess would not further emasculate me... I've been married before, remember? Anxious to see the window pictures. Will be working with Gary on some things and release details later about which stores will be carrying the ties this fall. Thanks LA Guy, Glad to hear the mannequin is wearing a Southwick with that tie... thanks for your help. Chuck
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BTW, the tie featured in the window is CFT36 in the Carlo Franco site. It is much, much, more impressive in person than on the website. The colors are incredibly vibrant and the texture is amazing. Boston guys, look on the website, than look at the tie in the window. It's like night and day.
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BTW had a chance to meet the (in)famous LAG and check out Drinkwater's in Boston a couple weeks ago. Great store, merchandise, and taste level; Gary's a great guy. Really enjoyed my visit with LAG as well.
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And here are the pictures, as promised.  They are sort of large, but it's hard to shrink them and still get the details. Taken at night, so sorry about the glare and flash. The entire storefront Tailored clothing by Southwick, shirting by Aster, and neckwear by Anthony Corey and Carlo Franco And casualwear featuring outwear by Engineered Garments
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nice stuff there. i particularly like the fastfood reflection. sortof a sacred/profane yin/yang thing. i really like the Engineered Garments jacket on the far right. can you give some info about it? /andrew
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The windows look very nice, and I love Taco Bell.
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