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Sperry Top-Sider Chukka

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Thinking about getting these, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere but online. Does anyone own/have picture of these? Would love to see what they look like on

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sorry no pics but good shoe.
except in real life, the stitching is a bit darker than the stock picture.
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I've got them in chocolate brown. I would totally recommend them. The sole is really thick and comfortable - more so than the Authentic Original boat shoe from them.
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Bought those exact ones from macys for like $60 and they are superbly comfortable. I also bought the sperry 4 eye boots from FTGG and while they have a nice look they offer a fraction of the comfort.
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I cant find the pictured ^^ sperrys on the topsider site. Do you have a link for those 4 eye boots? Also whats FTGG? thanks
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The 4 eye boots are a Japanese version that only are in 4-5 stores. They're not really comfortable and are rather narrow, but look killer.
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I don't think they are a Japanese version -- I think that's a myth. I think they are probably sold in Japan and in select stores in the States. I've seen them at Scoop and Tani and NYC, and the latter is an unspectacular shoe store on the Upper West Side, so I don't know how exclusive they are. I tried them on and almost bought the suede ones but couldn't convince myself that the suede would work without socks so I passed. Interesting to hear that they are "not comfortable" because I'd been questioning passing on the shoes. Ugh, I hate saying this phrase, but "Quoddy, ftw."
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Quoddy doesn't really make a comparable style, especially in the light suede color (which I own). They aren't amazingly comfortable, but they aren't painful. They are much cheaper than Quoddys.
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No, they don't. The Sperry chukka posted above is much street-ier and less preppy which is why I think they are very unique. Teger, would you wear those suede Sperry's w/o socks in the summer?
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are there any places online that would have more pictures and be selling it?
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Urban Outfitters is selling them and they have a few more pics as well.
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I'm pretty sure Macys and Nordstrom have (or had) them as well online.
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The images on UO don't look as nice as the pic in the OP, but if I could find these at a nice price, I think I'd be happy. Sperry's are just such a good shoe.
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maybe in some other colors, that brown is a little bleh imo
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I probably wouldn't wear these in the summer without socks because uh, what would be the point?
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