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I feel disgusting right now. I keep itching myself.
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I store my suits, jackets, etc. in hanging nylon mesh garment bags available from The Container Store, through amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg...&s=home-garden). The mesh allows garments to air, but the mesh is fine enough to exclude moths and other critters.
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It's expensive and a drag, but we take all of our winter wool clothes to the cleaners every spring. It's better than poisoning ourselves with mothballs. On the upside, we uncover a huge supply of freshly cleaned clothes every November. We figure that the summer weight wool stuff gets cleaned enough in the summer not to worry about it. We live in an older house and find that our limited closet space keeps our wardrobes under control (mostly). What do those of you with lots of space and lots of clothes, esp. suits, do?
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