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Hardy Amies was (he died in 2003) a coture and menswear designer.  He was famously "dressmaker to the Queen" for many years.  He probably pioneered the whole concept of "menswear designer" in Britain.  He ran a shop at 14 Savile Row, out of which he sold his coture clothing for women and bespoke suits and shirts for men.  The stuff was phenomenally expensive.  And still is, for all I know; the shop is still there, after all, and still open.  He also licensed his name to a huge range of RTW men's clothing, some of which he designed, some of which his students and staff designed, supposedly under his supervision.
Sir Hardy Amies was a self-declared snob. And quite a well-dressed man; the "couturier" to the Queen.
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ok so its not the classic cut, and im likely to be lynched on general principle for this, but i quite like it. If you got the pants that match as you say, then you have uncovered yourself a great deal for your prom. At this price I would have bought it too. And...there is also a distinct possibility that you have uncovered a gem - it does happen. There is a whole thread here dedicated to bragging about it. Hardie Amies is one of those labels that could either be absolutely terrific or absolute crap. Either way, you could almost certainly flip it onto eBay at a profit over your $7. Hopefully the cloth has a nice texture to it, this is important, but the quality of construction and so forth I wouldnt get too caught up in if I were you. It's likely every bit as good as something you would have otherwise rented, and especially since in all likelihood this may well be a single-use item - your body shape and disposable income will change a lot between your prom and your next black tie event. The guys here will torment you like hell for not having a single button peak lapel jacket - and they are absolutely right, this isnt a classic cut of dinner suit - but get the fit right on it, accessorise it well with your shirt, tie, cufflinks, vest and pocket square and you will be way ahead of the vast majority of ppl at your prom. Hell you will be way ahead of the vast majority of ppl at the Oscars. HOWEVER...before you get too carried away....prepare yourself to spend all the money you just saved at the tailor, as fit absolutely is the important part. Id recommend firstly posting a wide array of pics here, the guys will slice and dice you from every angle (prepare your self esteem, it's for your own good). Then, take this advice and go see a tailor - it will be valuable background for the discussions you have and the questions you ask - see what the tailor says. Basically I would walk in and say to the guy "make this fit me like it was designed for no one else" and see how he responds. Ideally he should be fussing over every little detail of it. If he is not, go to a different tailor. Repeat until you are happy and comfortable. Then post more pics...repeat. Enjoy your prom Matt oh and PS - sometime in our teens, we all learned the hard way that trying to match a jacket to pants doesnt work - and i know people who paid a lot more than $7 to find out.
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by the way, just had a look at the Henry Singer website, they have this Flash timeline thing happening, which says they introduced Hardy Amies (and Burberry) to Edmonton in the 1960s. I tend to associate this narrow lapel with this era as well - although im aware that is a huge generalisation. This may turn out to be quite an interesting find.
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wow...i found the pants at the same place i bought the jackte part. What luck.
Shocker. Well, you've salvaged a bad situation and come out in a pretty good one.
Ok, lets say its 15 years old...does the tux style change that much? Im finda freeken out over this, becuase i dont want to look like im wearing a "out of style" tux
I don't think the tux is out of style at all. My tux has some different details, but the point of tuxedos is to be timeless. And if worst comes to worst, look at it this way: at least it was popular around the same time Pearl Jam was.
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Yeah, probably so. It will also cost you a lot. I know somebody around here bought a Brioni tuxedo jacket for dirt cheap at NM (I think) and went to several tailors looking for fabric that would match to have pants made. I believe he was looking at $800 for pants that were close enough. While they might be close enough, they will never be perfect.
Hmm, I've got a couple pairs of Brioni tux pants (NWT) that I'm going to be listing, I wonder if they are a match??
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