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My Tux pics!

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I found this at a second hand store. It fits well. And it only cost my $7. Its a Hardy Amies / Henry Singer (not sure...) is it good? bad? I want to wear a formal dress shirt insted of a vest. Also, what type of pants should I buy? (i hear you have to get pants that have a stripe on the side) Will the jactet work with a bow tie?
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Oh man - you bought a jacket without matching pants? Normally I'd say for 7 bucks, you couldn't go wrong, but somehow you've managed to.
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Is it that hard to find a pair of matching pants? Wont any pair of dress pants do?
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Is it that hard to find a pair of matching pants? Wont any pair of dress pants do?
Oh, brother. Cool jacket though. If that's London bespoke, or even classic RTW, it's a pretty cool collectors item.
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Is it that hard to find a pair of matching pants? Wont any pair of dress pants do?
Yeah, probably so. It will also cost you a lot. I know somebody around here bought a Brioni tuxedo jacket for dirt cheap at NM (I think) and went to several tailors looking for fabric that would match to have pants made. I believe he was looking at $800 for pants that were close enough. While they might be close enough, they will never be perfect.
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Besides the problem of the missing pants, there's the problem of the less-than-classic cut.  I think you could get $7 of wear out of it by pairing it with jeans and chelsea boots, however.
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wow...i found the pants at the same place i bought the jackte part. What luck. now my questions are how old is this jacket? any idea? Should the pants have dark stripe down each leg? Is this tux fine for a prom, or should i keep looking for another one?
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wow...i found the pants at the same place i bought the jackte part. What luck.
Billy: "Hey Jimmy, Your Socks dont match" Jimmy: "Oh man...What a bummer, I have another pair at home just like this"
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No clue about age without seeing a close up of the tag. The stripe on the pants is typical of tuxedo pants, and I like that detail. The jacket has a few odd details -- very narrow lapels, and it looks like it has flapped pockets. Nevertheless, if this fits it would be a great choice for the prom.
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Do you have any pics with the jacket on? That way we can make comments about the fit. As for your pants situation, um....yeah, I got nothing.... A.
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I dunno much about Hardy Amies, except that the Towson Filene's basement has a load of sportcoats from them at a low pricepoint. Didn't really check 'em out carefully... I'm guessing Hardy Amies is the maker, Henry Singer the retailer it was made for. But that's a guess. You mention a formal dress shirt instead of a vest - these should not be considered mutually exclusive - you're going to want a vest or cummerbund. If you're buying for prom and looking for value/max usefulness, buy a new black self-tie bow tie and cummerbund set - if necessary, from After Hours or whatever. But whatever, enjoy your prom.
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Herny Singer is a local haberdasher in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta. They carried Hardy Aimes thru late 80's or early 90's, so the tux must be at least that old. Most of the Hardy Aimes they carried were Canadian made, not from Savile Row.
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Ill try and get a pic or two with me wearing it tomorrow. Ok, lets say its 15 years old...does the tux style change that much? Im finda freeken out over this, becuase i dont want to look like im wearing a "out of style" tux
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No one in high school knows what an 'out of style' tux is. If you wore a pink or powder blue one, with the right attitude, you would probably do well at a high school event. In the case of that one, it appears to be a notch lapel, so it was out of style the day it was born. If it fits you well, you will look fine (for the audience). If you want to look really impressive, you'll have to go to a one-button peak lapel cut sharp, perhaps in midnight blue if possible. For $7, it's not a waste, if you think you might ever wear the pants separately (and they fit). I know it's against the rules, and probably out of fashion, but I wear mine from time to time, and get compliments on them.
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Hardy Amies was (he died in 2003) a coture and menswear designer. He was famously "dressmaker to the Queen" for many years. He probably pioneered the whole concept of "menswear designer" in Britain. He ran a shop at 14 Savile Row, out of which he sold his coture clothing for women and bespoke suits and shirts for men. The stuff was phenomenally expensive. And still is, for all I know; the shop is still there, after all, and still open. He also licensed his name to a huge range of RTW men's clothing, some of which he designed, some of which his students and staff designed, supposedly under his supervision.
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