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Personally, I'll keep the exotics skins on my belt and preserved Mr. Ed on my feet.
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I've got a pair of Weston's 180 Reference loafters in croc, and they look wonderful indeed.... not the least pimpish. Thanks to A.Harris' convincing.
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These are my pair of Church's Prima Classe alligator cap toes. Everytime I wear these, which is not often, I always feel something is amiss. Either they are too pimpish, too expensive, too whatever. I just never feel comfortable wearing them. Brutal honesty - would you wear these? If no, why not? To quote Pat Benatar, "hit me with your best shot, fire away"
Cuff this, I could see wearing those perhaps 2-3 times per year -- when out for special occasion nights with my wife. I like them, but I agree they'd be hard to wear. Certainly not something to wear to the office or an office event. I'd do my best to wear trousers of a matching color to avoid calling attention to them.
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A good resource for this topic: Alligator comes in many different scale patterns - the most expensive being the larger scales, and matched on each shoe. Croc is less expensive, smaller and less easily matched. Sometimes, Alligator sides are used and mistaken for croc, as they look very similiar.
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RIDER: when you say "smaller" do you mean the grain "panels" or the skins? I thought the gater grain was always smaller than croc, which is one of the reasons why it is considered a finer skin ...
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when you say "smaller" do you mean the grain "panels" or the skins
The scales in Alligator are larger when used from the belly - similiar to croc (roughly) when used from the sides.  Depends on the skin, as well as the breed, age, etc.  Croc is universally small-mid sized scales, and usually rougher.
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I read that you can tell the difference between the two because alligator can have varying size panels on the same skin while croc only has one size panel on each skin. This makes alligator more nuanced, while croc can look almost machine made, if that makes sense, becuase of the lack of variety of panels. I was just looking at the latest Edward Green catalog though and they were calling their shoes croc and the panels were all of varying sizes. So either EG has it wrong or the source that I read it from is wrong. That source was a Ben Silver catalog.
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When I have seen the skins in swatches, and occasionally in larger pieces, it always looked to me like gator panels were "square" and smaller and croc panels were "round" and larger. Plus, that's whe a shoemaker told me was the easiest way to tell the difference.
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I know they are for gangster and all, but "my friend" wants a pair or crocodile or alligator shoes.  Does anyone know what brands I, er he, should be looking for.  There are tons of them on ebay but they pretty much all look cheap.
Lacoste makes good sneakers
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While we're on the subject, can anyone tell me what skin these most resemble? I still haven't gotten a definite answer.
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Looks like gator to me.
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While we're on the subject, can anyone tell me what skin these most resemble? I still haven't gotten a definite answer.
Those are the kind of shoes I need to find. Seeing the picture in the other topic made me want a pair of alligator or crocodile shoes even more than I did before.
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What size are you?
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Good thread, I was actually wearing my brown Weston 180 in Alligator today. I can vouch for the 180 in Gator, I own them in black and brown (I rarely wear the black), and they are excellent shoes with limited maintenance needs (actually Weston sells a reptile neutral cream that I use with good result). My shoes are both about 10 years old while I do not wear them often, they now acquired a patina that tones down the pimp effect. Price is now  around $2,400  a pair (I paid $800 in the mid 90's with a stronger USD dollars). Weston has a beautiful dark british green Gator which has tempted me for years but the combination of Gator and Green is better suited for Kinshasa than NYC. Lobb has an amazing pair of Perrier with a Price that was recently increased from the mid $4k range to somewhere around $6,500. William
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I'm wearing some Gucci shoes right now and they are a size 8 but they are just a tad tight, I wear a 8 or an 8.5 usually.
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