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linen shirts?

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i know linen shirts are a very casual summery type shirt. so what are the proper collar and cuffs for a linen shirt. button down collar? and single button cuffs?
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I have a couple for casual dress wear that were made with double button cuffs and straight collars.
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The new linen Charleston Shirt from Ben Silver looks nice. Here it is in blue:
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i recently purchased a taupe linen spread collar with french cuffs from ben silver...don't know if i'll like it with jacket and tie come summer,but though i'd give it atry..all my others are soft collar, button cuff
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Besides as casual shirts, I make linen as dress shirts also. As a matter of fact, the most formal of shirts I make is from a very rare type of linen. Linen is available in many, many textures, weights, weaves, and stiffnesses. The one we commonly use for casual shirts is known as "handkerchief linen" and is just about as soft as linen gets. This is what it looks like: On the other end of the shirt linen spectrum, is a rare, semi-stiff linen available in white only with a finish one could only term as "shiny". This is the linen which, with the addition of seven tons of starch, is used for making 'antique' detachable collars. Without the starch, it makes one of the most beautiful dress shirts I have ever seen. Regretfully, I have no photos of it at the present time. If you have a choice on your pure linen fabrics, try to get one woven in Ireland rather than Belgium of Chechoslovakia. Then, of course, there are the linen & cotton blends ... but that's a story for another day.
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Can't...stop...drooling...damn you Kabbaz and your drool-inducing haberdashery.   A.
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Dear Aaron, Not bad. What do the rest of you think of our name change? Kabbaz-Kelly Fine Custom Clothiers Drool-Inducing Shirtmakers & Haberdashers P.S. Thank you.
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Alex: I like the new marketing slogan, but do you need to takeover a laundry service now to round out your corporate family? Drool-Inducing Shirtmakers & Haberdashers, but drool resistant, easy to clean fabrics. Andy
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Dear Andy, Done that since 1990. Weekly pickup/delivery in Manhattan and FedEx pickup worldwide ... for our own shirts only. Alex
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Am I the only one who thinks Kabbaz seriously needs to invest in a new mannequin? What *is* that thing? Nice shirt though.
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Am I the only one who thinks Kabbaz seriously needs to invest in a new mannequin?
No. I would vote for the same thing. I've asked him, and size is a problem. Apparently most mannequins are custom made to not fit most of Kabbaz's shirts. Greyson (that's "that thing's" name) was made in a wierd size which just happens to work. Most manufacturers scrimp a bit on the shoulder size.
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Man .. that is a stunning shirt. I would look very good in it
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Thank you. I would, too ... but I was good and sent it to the client.
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