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Burial suit

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I hope this isn't too ghastly a topic but a post on the "Spread collar overkill" thread mentioned someone's instructions for burial clothing. My question is what would you like to be wearing at your own funeral? Remember, this is the last suit you'll ever wear so make it count.
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I nominate this as the most morbid post ever.
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I nominate this as the most morbid post ever.
I second the motion. Jon.
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One of the fine members that frequents both here and AAAC has the following Signature in AAAC. "At afternoon funerals, wear a frock coat and top hat. Should the funeral be your own, the hat may be dispensed with." The Cynic's Rules of Conduct. 1905
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Unable to attend the funeral after his father died, a son who lived far away called his brother and told him, "Do something nice for Dad and send me the bill." Later, he got a bill for $200.00, which he paid. The next month, he got another bill for $200.00, which he also paid, figuring it was some incidental expense. Bills for $200.00 kept arriving every month, and finally the man called his brother again to find out what was going on. "Well," said the other brother, "you said to do something nice for Dad. So I rented him a tuxedo."
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Thereby demonstrating once again that it's rarely wise to rent black tie.
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A group of lifelong friends had aged and finally one of them passed. As they were filing by the coffin the first of the remaining friends took a hundred dollar bill and put it in the coffin to show his great respect for the departed friend. Not to be outdone, the next friend put in two one hundred dollar bills. Likewise, the third upped the ante by placing in three hundreds. The three friends watched the fourth and final friend pay his respects to see what he would do. From his back they saw movement and then saw his hand reach something into the coffin. "What did you leave for him?" they asked. "Well, I just took out the six hundreds that were in there and wrote him a check for $2000."
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I was thinking about something in a hefty bag, actually.
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