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DHEA-anyone take this supplement?

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They seems to be available on cheap yet claim to deliver tangible results...How does it compare to other supplements like creatine?
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I have taken it. I think that creatine gets you more muscle mass, if you are lifting weights. You can take them together. it really depends what you are looking for, creatine is for bulking up.
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DHEA and Creatine are actually entirely 2 different items. DHEA converts in the body to Andro which then ultimately converts to testosterone. I've read a lot about it in the anti-aging forums to normalize test levels as you get older (test levels begin to decline at around age 30 from their peak in puberty). When I took it I saw no benefit, but that was about 8 years ago and I was still in my 20's. I am sure there are other posts on Creatine around. In the nutshell, your muscles absorb it and water making them bigger. If they are bigger they can lift more / do more work. More weight and reps = a greater opportunity to build muscle via protein synthesis. I never liked the fact that the unused creatine after full absorption passes out your chute inert. Damn stuff felt like lava. Sorry for the mental picture. Regards, CT
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The only effects I noticed when using creatine were a significant increase in muscle size and strength.  I experienced none of the problems ct2272 mentioned.  I could not discern any effects of DHEA while I tried it. I would assert that asking how a given supplement affected others will tell you little about how it will affect you.  People vary widely in their responses to supplementation.  Also, I see few people who work out hard enough and smart enough to benefit from supplements.  Unless you're one of those "genetically gifted" individuals who builds muscle with little effort, I suggest Brawn  (good info but regrettably poor writing) and creatine for maximum effect. My $0.02, dan
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