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Sweater storage

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I have a stack of sweaters that I will not be wearing until the fall.  Is it advisable to store these sweaters in sealed plastic bags, or is it OK to leave them on the shelf in my closet?
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I bought some of those bags you hook up to your vac, It sucks all the air out and makes storage a breeze.
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I have cedar-lined shelves to keep the moths away, so they work for year-round storage. Otherwise, I like the vacuum bag idea.
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I have these plastic bins I bought from BBB on 6th ave in NY and that's where I store my sweaters. Taking a cue from my sister who has more or less 60 prs of shoes, I have pictures of each sweater taped outside each box (4 for each bin)...stored accdg to color/weight/material. Throw in 6 cedar balls per bin and you're all set.
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