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Oxxford suit models

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I was hoping someone might have a cheat sheet to describe the cut of some of the more popular models of Oxxford suits.  The only one I have tried on in person is the Manhattan two-button. When searching on ebay, I see many different models (e.g. Wharton, Onwentsia)  and it's sometimes difficult to judge the cut based on a couple of pictures on a hangar or mannequin.  Are any styles known to be more fitted, or have higher button stance, side vents, etc?  The Oxxford website is not very helpful in this regard. Also, do the numbers and notations on the tag inside the pocket give away any helpful information, such as manufacture date?
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Here ya go... http://www.oxxfordclothes.com/oxxadv.asp Grayson
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The Oxxford website does not describe the various models. There are about 20 models, some current and some out of production. Each Oxxford seller is provided a style book which purports to describe each model and provides a drawing. In any event, I do not think these are of much help, especially if you're buying off eBay. E.g., a coat may be shaped, but if the previous owner let it out, then it might not be shaped for you. Indeed, a shaped garment might have been turned into a sack suit. If you have any questions, try the Oxxford Store.
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Thanks.  As you mention, the Oxxford website only shows examples of 3 or 4 styles.  Sounds like that style book given to the sellers has good info, but I guess it might be hard to come by.   I realize that suits on ebay may have been altered to no longer resemble their original cut, but thought it would at least be a good starting point for determining style, and also for trying to determine approximate age. Sometimes the bad photos on ebay of a suit on a hangar just don't do justice to the suit and make it somewhat difficult to determine gorge, button stance, etc.
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Note that the gorge and button stance will have changed over the years even on the same suit model. Today's Gibbons cut has a higher stance by at least 2 inches than Gibbons suits circa 1985.
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