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velvet blazers?

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I gather they are stylish now. Are they for really young guys only?
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I think Bam Margera may have ruined this look for us all...
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I dont think they are only for young people. Im 31, and Ive worn one for years, and can hardly be considered very young anymore. I will say, however, that they really only look good on men who are thin or in good shape. Its just one of those things that seem to look better in a slim fitting setup. Just my 2 cents.
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I totally agree with Phil on this one - if you don't look like a J.Crew model, you shouldn't do the velvet blazer, or any fabric that refelcts light or shows outlines of bulges of any kind. But the Velvet is definitely a look that needs to be paired with the right color combos. Never pair black pants with a red Jacket, never pair tan and any form of tan (khaki on khaki) - jeans are a surefire way to go.
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I gather they are stylish now. Are they for really young guys only?
given so many posts on the subject lately, they are not stylish, they are mainstream.... Hopefully, not every clothes seller can design a nice sportscoat, so there is still hope not to be mistaken in the crowd. Luc
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Velvet, even though its such a luxe fabric, seems to look best when paired with significantly less opulent pieces. Old jeans, tshirts, and the like. Thats my take on it at least.
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Velvet, even though its such a luxe fabric, seems to look best when paired with significantly less opulent pieces.  Old jeans, tshirts, and the like.  Thats my take on it at least. You'll end up looking like anyone else with a velvet blazer. Today, I was wearing mine (moka) with a silk/cashmere turtleneck (coral), and satin cotton pants (black). And it looked terrific. Luc
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Pictures? I can't imagine moka and black together and the whole outfit sounds interesting...
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Like i said, thats my take on it. To each his own, variety is the spice of life.
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Yeah, I like to wear my velvet blazers with very high contrast distressed jeans, and bright colors underneath (I have a black velvet blazer with an aqua lining). I don't especially like striped shirts with velvet blazers, but it could work.
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Luc, you're a fop. I wear my velvet blazer with jeans, the thing that makes me stand out from everyone else who has a velvet blazer with their jeans is that I look good in it.
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Luc, you're a fop.
Thanks . Actually had to look that one up in the dictionary I have worn jeans with velvet, I just don't think it's the best look Luc
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I agree with Luc. It is better with something other than jeans. It is an opulent sort of piece, and I think lux pieces should be matched with it. I saw a couple of people with hoodies coming out of their velvet jackets, and thought it looked pretty silly. Must we always contrast or bring everything down to a prol level?I think jeans are just the easy way to pair with anything that is just out of the ordinary. Then again I rarely really see people wearing velvet jackets even though they are supposed to be so trendy, so I can't say that they have really been overdone. I think, in some ways, they are more appropriate for older people. If you were in your sixties, I think it would be an eccentric but elegant thing to wear.
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I have worn them with jeans a lot though.
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It's all really a matter of situation. Personally I think the connection between lux and velvet deminished somewhat in the 60s, but still, it can look very dandified (in the right way) if executed correctly i.e. Luc's take on it. I have never worn a hoodie underneath my velvet blazer but that's mostly because my velvet blazer is from the 70s and it is super tight. There's no room for extra material in the sleeves.
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