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oy. so what is a tennis collar?
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well, its called a tennis collar because back in the 20s or 30s thats what BB called it when they developed it. To play tennis in, much like the way they coined polo button down for polo players. Ive tried my best to describe it. Its really a very simple collar. Picture in your head a long point collar, with the points at 3 3/8". Now spread the points apart, just so, but not too much that it in any way resembles a spread collar. voila. tennis collar.
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OK. I kinda get it now. what not have slots for collar stays. Wouldn't using stays help the collar look better when wearing a tie, but not using the tie bar? Does the collar have holes (eyelets?) for the bar? Where are you having this batch of shirts made? Thanks. You have piqued my curiosity.
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Since the shape of my face hasn't changed, my collar hasn't.  Spread all the way.  It is what looks the best on me and I am not about to give it up anytime soon.   FWIW, I am 29 and have been wearing them for about 5 years.
Exactly. If it works.... I converted to spread collars only about three years ago and I view their recent proliferation as a good thing--more selection. Sure everyone wears them now, but I differentiate mine by wearing them fully buttoned, with ties. ;-)
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The reason I wanted no extra material for collar stays is because I want the collar to be as floppy as possible. Unless I have it pinned, which looks very formal, the points are at their own will to flop around. Nope, the collar has no eyelets, I just shove the pin right through the material. Yes, it causes a bit of fraying, but thats fine by me. I went to this style collar because I love the whole look of the 30s, and ive always aspired to kind of look like a "gentleman hobo", very nice clothes starting to wear and look very lived in. Take a look at movies or photos from that era, it was a very popular collar. Also, if you have seen Seabiscuit, Jeff Bridges wears some really floppy collars that kind of blow around in the wind. The floppy collars just seem to go along with this better than my previous english spreads. Ive been getting these all made at BB, 346 madison, in NYC.
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Just to clarify, I don't mind button down collars on casual shirts.  I just don't like wearing a suit and tie with a button down shirt.
The true Brooks customer of yore would not be caught wearing a suit with anything but his trusted button down collar.  A late friend of my father actually left strict instruction that he be buried wearing one of his blue oxford button-down shirts coupled with a repp tie and his favorite BB grey flannel suit.   By all accounts, he looked "heavenly".   Grayson
Mr. Grayson, with all due respect to your father's friend, I am sorry, but I just wanted to say, there is something tragicomic about your post, that made me laugh so hard for a good minute. It cracked me up. Sorry if I offended anyone. Cheers.
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Hi MCA, I wouldn't want to go to the Great Beyond wearing anything less than my own heavenly spread collared shirts from Mimmo Siviglia. Sadly, the quality of Brooks Bros.'s shirts has gone to "hell", and I don't own any tropical weight suits that would be appropriate. Grayson
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Until BB recently added the 'vintage' line of shirts, the shirt that I was familiar with the their tennis collar was the formal shirt. I have a version of this shirt from several years ago and it is a nice collar. Phil - I'm intrigued by your shirt ideas - I have also sworn by the BB MTM with the Londoner collar, I may give your idea for the unlined tennis collar a try next time I get some shirts.
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That is a shark-fin collar. Man, time was, you'd be asked to leave BB just for wearing one into the store. Now they sell them.
Speaking of sharkfin / spread collar overkill: (Although I must admit I do own one RLPL shirt that features the "˜Keaton' collar) Jon.
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another thing about spreads that was wearing on me was the inevitable turn under of the points.  I have a very bony, pronounced collarbone, and no matter they length of the points, they invariably tuck into that spot on my body and curl. No thickness of collar stay or variation on the spread seems to help.  I never really liked how that looked.
The button down collar always looks as it should. never with one point curled and waiving. Nevery with one point standing proudly over the lapel of the jacket - with the other squirming under under the lapel on the other side. And, when the shirt is unbuttoned at the neck, the collar still maintains the proper shape. Yes, sadly, it is almost impossible to now find the shirt with the proper roll to the buttoned down collar points. But just comming close is still so much better than the spread collar flagging and flopping seen in the typical poly / cotton lavender offering so many have adopted.
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And, when you're playng polo, your collars don't flap all over the place. I hate when that happens. Grayson
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And, when you're playng polo, your collars don't flap all over the place.  I hate when that happens. Grayson
I don't care for it happening at any time. Some seem to prefer the long limber collar points that flop and flap like hound dog ears. Maybe it helps them hail a cab in a breeze.
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For some of the less enlightened among us, I'd love it if someone could show some pictures of how the proper roll on a buttondown collar should look.  I've worn buttondowns over the years and haven't really been happy with the way the collar lies when buttoned up with a tie.  Probably because my shirts are fairly cheap.   Is the proper roll supposed to be convex from the top of the collar down to the button point, so that it stands away from the shirt?  Or should it be concave so that it hugs along the tie knot and body of the shirt until it curves back out to the point where it buttons?
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