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Do your six guns fit under that frock coat ?
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I think my suspicions were correct... tacky and going to be a horrendous choice when we look at pictures in 20 years. Thanks for confirming. I appreciate the help... and the 6 gun comment was priceless.
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I will make recommendations. What to wear: A Tuxedo is not the only option. You have a couple of other options. First off, if the wedding is being held during the day time hours, you might consider wearing what is termed, "morning wear" as opposed to a Tuxedo, which is "evening wear." Traditional morning wear consists of a cutaway coat, vest, trousers, and tie. Here is an example of morning wear: Here is another example. From your post, it seems that you are tall and fit. A cutaway jacket might be a very good look on your frame. There are a number of variations to this traditional morning wear theme, and if you feel the need for individualizing your look, an interesting vest or tie is an easy way to accessorize your outfit. As an alternative to a morning coat, you could wear a nice suit. Certainly, this is appropriate, and in many respects more practical, as you can buy a nice suit and then wear it for work later on. Personally, I would advise against this. This is your wedding. Hopefully, it will be the only time in your life that you get married. I think that your clothing should reflect the unique and important nature of this day. Dress up. Look sharp. Your wife will presumably be wearing a beautiful wedding dress. You need to look just as good. So, on to Tuxedos. A single button peak lapel tuxedo is the most classic and attractive option. Wear it, and you will look terrific. The picture that you posted of the multi-buttoned "tux" that you are considering is just not that attractive. It is like the powder blue tux and ruffled shirts of the 1970s. It seems like a hip and cool option, but when you're looking at the wedding album a few years from now, you will ask yourself, "what was I thinking?" Wear a traditional, classic tuxedo, and you will look at your wedding album and think, "damn, I looked good" (probably followed by a thought of , "I really need to get back in shape.") So. Get yourself a black, single button, peak lapel tuxedo. What to wear with it: You have a number of shirt options. All formal shirts will have French cuffs (requiring cufflinks) and will require studs instead of buttons for the top 3 or 4 button holes. (not including the very top button at your neck.) The formal shirts are different based on collar type (wing or point) and the front construction of the shirt (pleated or pique.) Pique is a type of heavy textured cloth. You probably already know what pleats are. So, your choices are: Wing collar, pleated Wing collar, pique Point collar, pleated Point collar, pique The only one of these which I would not recommend is the wing collar pique shirt. This choice is best reserved for white tie and tails. Of the other three combinations, my favorite (and the one I use for my formal outfit) is the point collar, pique front shirt. Here are two examples of a pleated, point collar shirt: Here is an example of a pleated, wing collar shirt: Here is an example of a pique, point collar shirt: Here is an example of a pique, wing collar shirt: Vest vs Cummerbund: You need to wear either a vest or cummerbund with a single breasted Tuxedo. I prefer a vest. White and black are traditional, but there's nothing wrong with a tasteful vest of a different color if you are looking for some additional flair. Tie: Get a black bow tie that you tie yourself. Shoes: Black patent leather formal shoes, or black plain-toe Oxfords buffed and shined until they glow. Renting vs. Buying: You'll look better in your own outfit. However, if you are like me, you have a LOT of other expenses coming up as you are going to be establishing your new household. Buy if you can afford it, but if not, then just rent. If you stick with classic looks, you will look fine in a rented outfit. Just make sure it fits correctly, and you are set.
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Kai - I really appreciate the advice. The morning coat looks great. I'll have to run that by the bride to be. I like the pique - point shirt as well. Thanks for the post - that really was good stuff.
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I guess I'll be the only one to disagree with the 'purchasing is better' route. I've found a store in my area that has peak lapel 1 and 2 button offerings- that's what I'll be renting. My groomsmen can't afford to buy a tux- if they could I would consider purchasing, but alas. I want the tuxes to match, and think they will look just fine. I'm looking at it like it's more money for more fun on the honeymoon, since I don't really have a choice. Question however- has anyone ever seen a groom wearing bowtie while the groomsmen wore ties?
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^ bump
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I definitely agree that a classic tuxedo looks much better than the one Pistol_Pete mentioned (in After Hours). But there is still something that I don't quite like about it: the number of buttons. One button just does not seem right to me... too few. Yes, yes, I am always talking about the number of buttons. Perhaps it is my fickle mind. Nothing against the other parts of a tuxedo, though. I especially like to see the sheen on the lapels as well as strip running down the side of the trousers. And yes, I like the cloth-wrapped buttons. Before I actually saw one face-to-face, I actually thought they were 'faceless buttons'... Still, perhaps the tuxedo should have something that stands out from the rest of the black-tie wearing crowd, although I cannot think of anything at the moment. Speaking of standing out, how about wearing tails for your wedding, Pistol_Pete? Do you guys think it is a good idea? Perhaps not, although it will definitely stand out, and white-tie looks good, too. WJTW
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Speaking of standing out, how about wearing tails for your wedding, Pistol_Pete? Do you guys think it is a good idea? Perhaps not, although it will definitely stand out, and white-tie looks good, too. WJTW
Evening dress (or dinner dress) is a uniform. White tie only if everyone else is doing it.
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