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Vass last description

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I did a search on the archives re: Vass lasts and came up with the U-last and Budapest.  Can anyone (Andrew) provide any info on the other lasts, specifically the Peter and P2.  I was hoping that Gabor stocked a few smaller sizes at the collective, however, no luck for the little people. Rough equivalents to Edward Green, Lobb, and/or even Alden would be appreciated. NCT
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Andrew did a comprehensive write-up on AA a few months or more ago, but I can't find it. I only have experience with two other Vass lasts besides U and Budapest. Banana: As the name suggests, it's a banana last: exaggerated convex outer edge of the shoe, slight concave inner edge (unusual for a banana -- usually, it's straight). Its toebox has high walls and a blunt round toe. Shoes made on it are usually heavy and sturdy-looking. P2: I believe that this is derivative of Banana, but I'm not sure. Given the name, it might make more sense if it were derivative of Peter instead. Regardless, it shares a lot of characteristics with Banana. Its outer edge is even more convex than Banana, and its inner edge is straight instead of concave. It also has the same high walls in the toebox. The principal difference is that it makes a much more elegant shoe than Banana. The toe is still round but not nearly as blunt. Vass will make shoes on P2 with a bevelled waist, and it's the only last I know of other than U that they will do this with. It's also the most comfortable last that I've tried. A real winner.
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Next to the U-Last, I think the P2 is the most "contemporary" of the Vass lasts.
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