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Well, I wash my own shirts in warm water and do not machine dry them so I have not noticed any change in fit due to washing.  The issues that I noticed were: - Sleeves were too short.  When bending my arm or reaching for something, the cuff pulled back a lot farther than was necessary.  The only way I could get cuff to show under a jacket was by standing perfectly still and pulling the shirt sleeve out from underneath the jacket sleeve. - Chest was too tight.  There was visible pulling at the button below the collar and the movement was restrictive there.  I think this also resulted in excess pulling on the shirt so it would always end up bunched up around the waist. I suppose there's no reason why those issues couldn't be identified right away by an experienced person.  I'm just not experienced so it took a few wearings before I noticed these things.  All of the above fit issues have been resolved.  I just wish I didn't have 4 shirts from the first order with those problems. dan