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Modavi Reserve '85

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Not going to get any better, and damn near perfect right now. My, am I pleased at a decision I made lo those many (15) years ago, when these were less than $30 per bottle. Gotta go; the bottle calls.
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I recently had a friend bring a magnum of '85 Silver Oak cab to dinner at our house. If the '85 Mondavi is as good as the '85 Silver Oak, then you are easy to pick out in a crowd. You're the one with the huge smile on his face. I know the Silver Oak did that to me. Enjoy.
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Yep, patience is rewarded. I had a bottle of '84 BV Georges Latour Private reserve last year, it was one phenomenal (less than $25/bottle when I bought it) and I'm still drinking my Bordeaux bought on futures from '85, '86, and '89, similar price range. But if you want to talk about a smile...'85 Ridge Monte Bello.
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I have a bottle of the 85 that I have been waiting for the right reason to open. It looks like I am going to have to create the "right" reason soon. Then, I need to talk my buddies into opening theirs to share. I bought them each a bottle as their groomsmen gifts a few years ago. Hopefully they will be willing to share a glass with me.
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