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Originally Posted by TowleY View Post
Agreed, the next sentence I stated that black shirts I would use more for a club, not an interview

And I would probably still try to order a drink from you.
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I did like 15-20 interviews with a pinstripe navy blue 3 button suit, black chunky rubber soles, a green, orange, navy tie, got hardly any calls back.

Then my next interview was in a conservative 2 button charcoal suit, i had a white shirt, maroon tie, and nicer shoes, I got called back right away.

Just my exerperiences prior to knowing anything about formalwear.
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The navy suit is nice. Black captoes are perfect. Aim at the short of shirts and ties shown at Brooks Brothers and you'll be fine. Avoid French cuffs, contrast collars, and loud colors. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by jimmyoneill View Post
Just curious as to why your clothes looking too expensive would put prospective employers off you?
not so much create jealousy or put off your prospective employer, but to avoid a distraction. you want the interviewer concentrating on what you are saying, not wondering where you scored that sweet Charvet tie

but yes, the jealousy thing may come into play as well.

Originally Posted by asphaltninja View Post
I'm a Computer Science major, so I'd be interviewing for something dealing with programming/IT/software engineering in some capacity.

play it safe - wear a conservative suit unless they specifically ask you to come in casual or business casual dress. even if you're overdressed it shows that you are taking this thing seriously.
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Originally Posted by FidelCashflow View Post
Also, what does it matter if the shoes are leather soled?

what. the. fuck.
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i would try and buy at least a Joseph Abboud tie you can probably get one decently cheap now. In maroon or dark blue, with a very subtle pattern like pin dots or a rep stripe.

White shirt, cant really go wrong with it.

This advice is based on the idea that its your first job out of college.

I would certainly hire someone like labelking in a very specific job, lets say a job which he was speaking to very elite clientel, or a very exclusive club or something odd and off the wall where his look fits in.

probably not for the "my first job" type jobs, but i'm sure he has no interest in working in a "my first job" type low level job.

I have the same problem, i cant seem to interview for a low level job to save my life, but for the consulting job i'm working now i was hired in a heartbeat, you really have to look the part reguardless.

So if its a low level job, dont look too perfect. If its a high end job, you better look sharp! I tried interviewing for an internship when i just wore nordstroms suits and shirts and such, and i got a ton of jealous looks. One interviewer actually asked me where i bought my suit....which is not what you want to happen in an interview.

For a very high end job, they expect you are a high end person, with high end tastes, and they dont ask you where you bought your suit. Same rules apply, navy or charcoal, red or blue tie and a white shirt, but if it fits perfect, if your shoes are extremely nice, they appreciate and expect it.
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this has me reconsidering my upcoming wardrobe where i'll be working at the DA's office as a law school intern. right now i have 4 suits -- 3 were my dad's but im taking them to a tailor to alter. one of them is my own -- from Banana Republic and is decent. The 3 that were my dad's are bespoke (we have similar body types) -- so I dunno if the DA's or any future judges that I'd be interning with would notice the quality of the suits or what. and of those suits that were my dad's -- two are three piece (navy with burgundy or dark brown pinstripe - it's getting altered now; and a tan one). i dont recall seeing anyone around the courthouses where i go to school wearing a tan one so i dunno. also, would any of you say that a paisley tie would be ok? the ones that i have are more elegant than flashy -- like navy with midnight blue etc. on a tangent, my dad never used the suits that he had made for him right out of college...because he was an engineer. my dad grew up abroad, and since the internet didnt exist really, he had no way of knowing that he would never wear suits. haha. if only he had SF to check. hah.
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