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Antique Furniture Prices?

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I have a few pieces and curious if anyone knows what they are worth? Pretty simply tables with inlaid leather tops, burl wood drawer fronts and probably mahogany. Any care to provide input? I can provide pictures.
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I live in a village called nyack about 30 minutes from manhatton. there are 20 stores in town that buy antique furniture, and another 20 in the town one over. best bet, take some pictures and come up one weekend and talk to several experts.
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Cloud, You could also either (i) buy one of those books called something like "2005 Antiques Price Guide" that are available at Borders and other book stores -- that might give you a rough idea; and/or (ii) hire an appraiser. To find an appraiser, you should look in the yellow pages, or ask at an antique shop (a good one, not a "collectibles" shop), or ask at a local auction house. Some appraisers may give you a verbal estimate; others will put it in writing. People need antiques appraisals for tax deduction purposes (donations) and for valuing estates for estate tax purposes -- so, there are quite a few of them out there, you just need to know where to find them.
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