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I obtained an amazing black leather Pneider breifcase during the hey day of the dot-com 'daze' on "" it was on sale then from $800 to $200, I thought it was a steal... Anyway, now it's 2005, the lock is bent, "" is now e-luxury and Pneider isn't sold in the US anymore. Anyone know "Pneider"?
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Thread Starter found it - spelled it wrong
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Oldskool, This Ebay seller carries Pineider (I have a Pineider toiletry case from him and saw briefcases on the site in the past-but, unfortunately, no briefcases now). I've never seen Pineider sold retail and only very rarely on EBay from other sellers. I just wonder if Ty can get his hands on a Pineider briefcase for you if you emailed him or will he tell you to wait? [/url]
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Why don't you contact their Florentine head office to see if they will repair it for you?
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