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Originally Posted by Fabienne
No real opinion on the matter, except that once I lose an item in a particular category (such as umbrellas) twice, I typically give up and never replace that item.

Hoping this doesn't leave you out in the rain? Or stock up on umbrellas at the discount store.
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^lol excellent timing
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
This week I lost my first ever expensive purchase, a pair of kidskin cashmere-lined Hermes gloves.  I'm furious with myself and have checked with my hotel, my office, the taxi commission and everything else I can think of.

I also checked with Hermes, and replacing them would likely cost me well over $500.  As I do not wish to go to hell when I die, nor to be bankrupt before I so do, I am pondering alternatives.  I have been spoiled -- I want to find gloves that are
- handstitched
- cashmere-lined
- kidskin hopefully (not peccary)
- numerically sized (not S/M/L)

Any suggestions?  I've looked at Pickett Fine Leather, but can anyone suggest any other good glovemakers?  I know New and Lingwood sells gloves but I really don't like the way they mark up things that are bought in.  Budd sells gloves, does anyone know how they are?   And do Swaine Adeney Brigg, Cleverley or Edward Green sell good gloves (in the case of Green and Cleverley, do they make/sell gloves at all?)?

Oh, and if anyone found size 8 black Hermes gloves in a taxi or at Cipriani on 55 Wall St, do give me a call.  In fact, if any of you KNOW the number for Cipriani on 55 Wall Street, PLEASE let me know.  Directory assistance, the web, and Cipriani itself couldn't give it to me -- very, very odd.

Pickett's gloves look a bit like Chester Jefferies. I reckon CJ are the manufacturer. If so, it would be better to buy from CJ. Pickett have a subtantial mark up on CJ. Hogskin gloves: Pickett £215. CJ £80. I'm always wary of these things and try to avoid made for. It's a lot to pay for a little sewn-in label in the glove, to be honest. Could be wrong, but uncanny resemblance. On the CJ gloves front, I bought a pair of cape CJ made gloves recently - wonderfully made. Knocks spots off Dents - better leather, better construction, better lining, better fit. Cost less than D.

Ducker and Son in Oxford have they shoes made for them by Grenson, I believe, but I seen a Villiers looking boot - so CJ perhaps.
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Yes, Pickett confirmed that they do indeed sell Chester Jefferies made gloves. In my view it takes p** somewhat considering the markup in the shop. Over £140 quid in the case of hogskin gloves and about £80 in the case of Officer's Gloves. I bet you get a nice bag to to take them away!
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Pickett gloves are ok (have had and lost several pairs) - but if you do manage to hold on to them for more than a season or two they don't age particularly well (I speak of the cape leather, cashmere lined gloves; have not tried the hogskin). I gave away two pairs only this weekend and they were looking distinctly tired

On the other hand, Connolly (Conduit Street, London) has some excellent gloves (variety of leathers and lining) - a little pricier than Pickett, but significantly better material and (to my mind) construction / fit. I think they come in at about £150. Sadly, I am not sure if they have many left (when I was, in a month or so ago they were running very low on stock) - but worth a try if you are passing through London. In the realm of dramatically pricey, but nice, Berluti makes some nice leather gloves (in conservative leathers) with bright cashmere lining. I got a pair for Christmas, and like them a lot. Not sure about the price - would guess around £200
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