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Robert emmett shirts

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Can anyone comment on the quality of Robert Emmett shirts compared to other makers in the same price range ($100-$125)?  Site is at http://www.emmettshirts.com.  Most interesting point is that they only make 25 of any given design (I realize other makers do this but it's the only technical point that stands out about them
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davei - I don't have any first-hand experience with these shirts but they definitely look very good and judging by the descriptions the fabrics appear to be very soft and comfortable. Also, they offer a good range of appearing designs that you can't really go wrong in. But for that sort of money you might be better off with tailored shirts, which also offer such exclusivity and are cheaper.
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But for that sort of money you might be better off with tailored shirts, which also offer such exclusivity and are cheaper.
What make of shirt might that be?
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While I was in london I picked up a few of the cashmere blend ones. They are very nice shirts. I can't compare them to Borelli or Kiton but they are better than most of the other shirts I own.
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bengal-stripe - no specific brand, but my tailored shirts for sure don't cost US$100-plus. For that sort of money I can buy at least two shirts. Off-the-rack shirts in general are way overpriced. For a Fray, you're looking at around US$300. What justifies paying that sort of money just for a shirt? You can argue craftmanship, fabric, details etc, but it's still way too much. I think around US$100 is acceptable, but then again why not go for tailoring. Here in Asia, you can get a very good tailored shirt for US$50. By pricing a shirt at US$300-plus, it's absurd and retailers are just testing the limits of people, which I think is very cheeky and outrageous.
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Jantzen fan: I usually don't get down on people, but who do you think you're kidding? Your handle and references to sub-$100 pricing? In your original post you admit your ignorance in the first sentence, make a totally useless conclusion which anyone could have come to, then you not-so-subtly plug a tailored shirt. Please. I'm prone to being as off-topic as anyone, but enough of the shilling already.
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davei - you should for 1) read my words and not between the lines, and for 2) not be so rude. There is no need to be so abusive, especially as this accusation has already been discussed in detail on this forum. I am NOT trying to flog anything here, as I don't get any benefit from it. My handel was originally created in defence of someone. All I'm saying is that US$100-plus for a shirt is a rip-off. As for your comment that my conclusion is 'TOTALLY' useless and that 'ANYONE' could come to - well I don't think so mate. If this is what you think, well I'm fine with it but don't try to get personal. I suggest you stick to the topic of discussing about shirts as this is the purpose of the forum.
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