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zjpj83 Great shoes; I sure wish they had them in my size when I was there. Oh well.
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Quote: Thoughts? Dan
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Actually... I really like the shape of those shoes. I would really prefer these not be as blatantly two tone. I think they would look nice with all brown leather uppers, maybe with some heavy antique shoe cream or something put on them...
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This may be way beyond the date your original post was placed here but I'm a spectator guy from way back.  They are my favorite shoes and I probably have

a couple hundred pairs of specs.  Most are black and white or brown and white but also have them in every color combo.  My beef is the people who really don't know what specator shoe means.  They are showing saddle shoes and wingtips and describing them as spectators.  I've also seen spat boots or button boots described as spectators when that is not the correct terminology.  Maybe these terms are used to increase sales but our language has gone down the tubes in too many ways.

Specators or coorespondents (as the Brits used to call them) definitely have to have two colors.  Originally they were either black and white or brown and white.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying each pair you wear.  I've been fascinated by this type of shoe since I was a kid and my 'rich' uncle always wore these cool shoes when he visited in the summer.


Makes me want to wear them every day, all year long.

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If you really have that many (or even a fraction, really), you should post them here.

I think this thread's long since expired.
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