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Spoke with Steve by phone - a gracious and pleasant fellow. He offered - without prompting - to take a photo of the shoes for me and did so within about an hour of our conversation. The upside is that the shoes are, indeed, very very nice. The white buc might be a bit too pronounced for me, but I am sure that it would dirty up quickly. They are on the Hampton last and are pretty much a classic shoe in all ways. The downside is that he only has through size 12 and I am a 13. The price is fair also - call and he'll quote you. If someone with normal-sized feet has a strong interest, I suspect you could get these beauties shipped to you. Anyhow, here are the images: and a Link to Image 1 and a Link to Image 2
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Having seen the shoes in person, I would say the buc isn't as bright as they appear there. That's likely the result of some flash reflection. Of course, in full sunlight I'm sure they would have similar reflective powers. I'm sorry they didn't have your size, Duveen. Edit: I don't the leather is quite as red as they appear in the pictures, either.
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Any of the shoe cognoscenti have an opinion on the Alden specs and, specifically, the use of the Hampton last (seen here on some suede shoes) for specs? Given that I might need to have the shoes made up individually in any case, any other Alden lasts you would prefer for specs? The other option is, of course, Marteganis. I am still seriously considering those, particularly as it looks like instant gratification is not in the cards for less than the $850 that Ralph charges at the Mansion...
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Buy the AE, $250.75
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Hi Chris, Are you thinking of the Broadstreet? I am not a huge fan of that shoe - it has black and white leather and is a bit too 'jazz club' for me. I am looking for either buc and chestnut brown or twill and chestnut brown shoes to wear with linen trousers this summer. Thanks for the suggestion, though EDIT: I'd pay a good price for the Grenson/Stuart's Choice cap-toes with twill if you get any in US 13. Let me know.
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Duveen, someone posted on another board that Alden will not custom make shoes from two different types of leather as part of their special order program. There is a minimum order quantity of something like 25 to make it happen. You can check with them, however. If they say Yes, please post something here to that effect.
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Well, while were on the subject, I have had quite a few custom orders on this pattern combining different colors of Rustik Calf and Natural Linen... Ron
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Ron, I like the look of some linen & leather spectators, but have some questions about the care and protection of the linen part. I assume you protect it with masking tape while polishing the leather elements. How do you clean the linen if it gets scuffed or dirty. With soap, water and rag...or what? And how delicate is the linen? Wouldn't it be likely to be torn or lacerated by scuffs that could easily be polished out of calfskin? Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing from you or anyone else with familiarity with spectators of this type.
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wish you could wear a 12, AHarris has a pair
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Yay. I just got mine. A pair of very lightly used AE Broadstreets on eBay.
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How do you clean the linen if it gets scuffed or dirty
Well, this is anticipated, so the material is already treated to resist much of this. Of course, only so much can be done. When compared to white suede/nubuck, it is probably easier to keep clean. As for polishing, a little care is all that's neccessary. The tape idea is a good one - or you could drop them by a shoe shop for polishing. IMO, it's not as hard to keep spectators up as it would seem...
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Thanks for the info, Ron. The only spectator-ish shoes I have are the two-tone A-E Belmonts in both black and white and brown and white. I couldn't have gotten either pair much cheaper without resorting to shoplifting. Would like to try something more classic in the way of a spectator sometime. Fell in love with some RLPL/EG spectators at the Beverly Hills Polo shop a few weeks ago but did not want to jeopardize my marriage by paying the $850 price tag. If I ever get by Richmond, I shall surely look you up.
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Rider, love those specs.. The Grenson's I got from Chris were also amazing, though I sold them to a friend, they fit him better than they did me. I should have my new Vass U-last spectators by the end of the week, I'll post pics when I get them
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By the way, I just talked to Steve Fazio at Plain Clothes and lucky for me he does have my size. I ordered a pair today so hopefully they fit. Now all I need is a seersucker suit and I'm ready for summer. By the way, these shoes are made on the Hampton last.
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Arenn1, Glad that you found them appealing - did you see them in person or order them over the phone? Let me know what you think when you get them. Good to know that posting the photos (and, more importantly, Alan C's posting of the phone #) helped Steve close a sale. He's a good guy and was very helpful on the phone.
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