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Ferragamo shoe question

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Due to my wide feet I'm forced to wear Allen Edmonds or F and G widths from shoes made in UK. I bought a pair of Ferragamo's yesterday (Diego, brown suede, in EE) and the width is fine but they are tight across the top of the foot - I've never had a pair of shoes be tight in this area while the width is fine - do you think this will stretch a bit? (it's the area under the Farragamo buckle)
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If they are that bad, you might want to take them to a cobbler and ask them to stretch that part of the shoe slightly.
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Ferragamo shoes don't stretch, your instep is too wide or too high. better to get a different shoe, that has a wider or higher instep, or skip mocs and look for shoes with laces.
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they are really close to fitting well after having a shoe tree in them for 24 hours...I think I may endure - I got such a good deal (they were 50% off plus I had a gift card for $75)....
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The Diego may stretch over time. Based on my experiences with Ferragamo, those that have a slight tightness will stretch over a period of 3-4 wears. If you have a wide foot, you may do better with Ferragamo deerskin shoes or his laced shoes. Stay away from the narrower cuts.
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Ferragamos generally run narrow. If the shoes don't stretch with wear, take them to a shoe repair shop for a professional stretching.
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Thank you - I'm going to wear them and make them work - I think they'll be alright - thanks for your input - I've wanted a pair of these for a while and 12/26 was a great day to buy a pair at the Ferragamo store at South Coast....My closet is full of Allen Edmonds shoe boxes, except for a pair of Loakes and Alfred Sargents, that's all I have - I really wanted something different...
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