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Help with polishing

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I would love to search all day and find the answer; however, my computer is too slow, and I do not have the time with school and work, my apology in advance. I seemed to have used too much polish; for, it looks marbled after wearing the shoes for a day. The leather is fine, but it looks like there is a glaze over it all, and not in a good way. Do I just use turpentine to strip the wax off? If I am worried about this with wax polish should I switch to creme polish? I think I applied to thick of layers; how many layers does one usually do to produce a mirror like shine on calf leather? When using any polish, how often does one reapply? And should conditioner be applied everytime? Have I damaged my shoes?!?
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cloth + baby shampoo or something similar to strip off wax. Apply thin layers of wax and buff it. condition your leather shoes regularly, to keep it in good shape and prevent it from drying out and cracking.
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