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Favorite pocket squares

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Kai's fine collection in the (other) pocket square thread made me think that's been a neglected area in our periodic 'favorites' threads. So, pick out a few and let's see 'em. I'll post mine in the morning.
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Hermes twill seems to be thicker and fold more easily than others. My favorites among these are red on navy and yellow on navy, which I'll wear with sport jackets. Less and less interested in silk square and more often wear white cotton (Charvet-nice borders) and RLPL white linen (good texture-upposedly hand stitched hem-usually available on EBay). Certainly better for dark suits and most will say better with silk ties (dry texture with the ties' wet texture). Just less obtrusive and less of a statement. I fold these with the points up, not the horizontal fold that Harry Truman (and other more recent) have used.
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This was posted in the other pocket square thread. Sorry for the duplication. This is about 75% of My Hoard. Some are former shirts rescued from the sartorial grave. My fav? Hard to say, depends on my mood. A great way to add whimsy to serious clothes, and serious business meetings. Add fun to everything.
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Cuffthis, I'm speechless. You're going to have to change your username to "Pocketthis".
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I hate big pocket squares, which by my terms are most of those made. Thus, my favorite are my Brionis because of their smallrer size.
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Here are some of my favorites. (I have links instead of pictures, as the pictures are obnoxiously big.) My favorite white linen:  (I love the stitching.) http://www.larsonweb.com/images/stitched.jpg My favorite cashmere-silk blend:   http://www.larsonweb.com/images/cashmere.jpg Some of my favorite printed silk squares: http://www.larsonweb.com/images/gold.jpg http://www.larsonweb.com/images/green.jpg http://www.larsonweb.com/images/tiles.jpg http://www.larsonweb.com/images/teal.jpg
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(I have links instead of pictures, as the pictures are obnoxiously big.)
Details matter. The larger the better I say.
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love the mosaic one, Kai love them all, in fact
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Mary mother of God cuffthis that is quite a collection. Kai, I'm a hugh fan of the "green" silk pocket square. If you don't mind telling, who makes it?
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Kai, I'm a hugh fan of the "green" silk pocket square. If you don't mind telling, who makes it?
I'm sorry, I don't know. It belonged to my mother. It's at least 30 years old.
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Okay, here we go. Please ignore the solid silk Talbott.   I wear the blue herringbone all the time. It's a great square. The folded ones are linen. The white is a Brooks Brothers the gingham is from Ben Silver, made in France but I have no idea by whom. Does anyone else keep their linen squares folded for easy pocket drop in?
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what's the consensus on label removal? /andrew
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what's the consensus on label removal? /andrew
If it's not stitched in by the thread that closes a hand-rolled edge, remove it. If it is, leave it, otherwise you'll unravel the edge.
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I love pocket squares and have over 100 of them (not including a few bespoke ones on order ). As much as I hate the "bespoke" clothes there, my favorite are the cotton pocket squares at Flusser. The other stores that carry cool pocket squares in no particular order are: Hermes (silk and cotton) Brioni, Ricci and Zilli -- (lined silk) availlable at various places including De Lisi -- which is shutting down on 3/31 and is offering them for $20 a pop Robert Talbot (Cotton, linen and silk) Purple Label (silk) Paul Stuart (Silk) Fairfax (silk @ Barneys) Barbera (wool/silk @SFA and Louis Boston) Charvet (Cotton and Silk) Jay Kos - Barneys - BG private label -- all are made by the same company and they all carry the same designs for the most part Lehner (did I get the spelling right? -- cotton @BG and Domenico Spano in SFA) Drakes (Silk @ Flusser, Ben Silver and Barneys) Turnbull and Asser (Silk and cotton) Bulgari -- beautiful, as they should be at $95 a pop In addition, T&A, John Kochis and Alex Kabbaz make bespoke pocket squares as well. Apologies if I missed anyone. There are some that I specifically excluded from the list because I dont like them including Siego in NY -- silk is too flimsy and the size is too small, Nicky (Italian) -- make good ties but the squares are too small, and Asprey -- beautiful ties but lame pocket squares.
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Wow cuffthis, I only have a blue/red T&A one and the standard white linen one. Your collection is just amazing.
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