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gotta find a place to go ostrich hunting. that shit would be wild
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Ken.....damn fine buck,and damn fine hat.
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Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post
Low sodium salt? WTF?!?!

my thoughts exactly
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Even better tip; for all you single people, just buy what you are going to eat that day, especially if you live near a WF or TJ, or even better.

When you buy a whole truck load of shit, by the time you get to some of it, it isn't that fresh anymore. I think it's very important to go buy things every day, because it makes you conscious of what you're eating, and makes it a bit more fun. Even when I'm trying to eat very lean and strict, I still like standing in front of the produce section and the meat counter and thinking what can I do with what's in front of me? You'll always have fresh stuff, and you'll probably save money. If it's anything like in my house as a kid, or the like many of my friends, you end up buying a lot of stuff you never really end up eating.
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