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More free shoes

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Over at Ask Andy, member 'dopey' offered a pair of Peal semi brogues for the price of a donation to the historic Stanton Street Shul roof repair fund. I responded and was awarded the shoes. They came today and, very sadly, don't fit. After consultation with dopey, I'm reoffering them here. The condition is you send a donation (in the amount of your choosing) to the Shul. I will pay for shipping to you. Dopey's description of the shoes:
The Shoes: Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. Cap-Toe Medallion Oxfords in a British Tan/Chestnut. American size 9.5 C. I bought them at 346 so long ago that I hardly know when, but I believe they were from the Edward Green era and, are, in fact, Edward Greens. They are in pretty good condition with some nicks or scuffs that have been polished out. The leather is not cracked. The soles are worn enough so that the stitching is showing through the channeling in the front part of the soles. The toe taps are in good shape, the heel taps are worn and there is some wear to the rubber quarter of the heels. Basically, they are in very good shape and look good. Unfortunately for me, I can't wear them because I need orthotics that take up too much room for a C fitting to work.
My description: These are beautiful shoes with wear. They do have some scuffs and scratches with wear, but in such a way that I would call it patination. There is a fair amount of wear to the soles. I would probably recommend new heels at some point in the not too distant future. Personally, I think a D width could wear them, but note that they are a size C. Here are the shoes themselves. The shoe trees, shoe horn and the laces are mine, and are for display purposes only. You'll need to get some new laces. PM me if you are interested. I will choose someone at the end of the weekend and ship them out Monday or Tuesday. Thanks, dopey.
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Hey if this works, the shul might be able to enlist you to fundraise.
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It's not easy wearing Green, huh Kermie?
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Man, with friends like these...
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