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Polishing shoes

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First of all, sorry if there have been posts about this before (an I'm sure there have been), but it seems the Search function is broken, so I couldn't find anything. While trying to find some pics of Foster shoes, I came across that famous Japanese shoehorse's site, http://cobblers.hp.infoseek.co.jp/index.htm. Then I found one page where he showed how to shine your shoes, and the results seemed spectacular. The images mostly speak for themselves but since I can't read Japanese and my girlfriend is in another city for now, I'm at a loss as to what is written. Here's the link: http://cobblers.hp.infoseek.co.jp/count003.htm I can see the Kiwi Shoe Polish, but what about the other stuff? Is the glass simply cold water? And that other little tub is what, precisely? I can read Edward Green, but that's all.
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The glass is cold water, and the EG tin is neutral wax polish.
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So first you wipe them down with cold water, then use the Kiwi polish, and then the EG neutral polish?
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Advice from JM Weston... Wipe shoes with a slightly damp sponge to clean the skin Apply polish with a cotton cloth Once polish is dry, eliminate the surplus with a soft brush, then buff with a soft cloth For a brilliant sheen, mix a little water with the shoe polish. Massage the leather in concentric motions. Repeat the operation until the shine is obtained. Leave to settle for 24 hrs then wipe with a dry cloth to perfect the shine. Grayson
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For a superior shine (a "military spit shine"), use hot water. The hot water keeps the polish soft so that it can be worked into the leather better.
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Ahh, perfect. Thank you all kindly for the input.
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So first you wipe them down with cold water, then use the Kiwi polish, and then the EG neutral polish?
He uses the Kiwi neutral on brown shoes, and the EG neutral on black shoes. Not both on the same shoes. He isn't using the cold water directly on the shoes--he is using it to dampen the polishing cloth, both before using the cloth to pick up and apply polish, then again at the final buffing. Basically a spit shine technique.
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my understanding was that the cold water was to make the polish harden and sink in better. I have heard of aplying the polish on a hot knife, and then polishing with a rag dipped in ice water.
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is wax the best product for getting the best shine? and i have heard that it tends to build up after a while sometimes cracking the leather. it was breifly stated long ago how to take off the layers of old wax, anyone remember this method? thanks.
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JM Weston uses and sells a beeswax-based polish.  Being closely in touch with my inner Imelda Marcos, I recently renewed an appreciation for Weston shoes and am consulting with them on proper care of their shoes.  Ron Rider, shoe maven at Franco's, recommends a brand of polish under the brand name Lincoln, however the tin doesn't list ingredients.  Perhaps Ron can offer his advice. Grayson
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hows the cura products, anyone have experience with them?
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meaculpa, don't get carried away with using too much water to polish those Foster's shoes.  I, myself, don't use water at all, and you really should be able to achieve a perfectly fine shine without using H2O. Grayson
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Marc, Here are two threads (Ask Andy the more recent and specific) pertaining to Lincoln Shoe polish. http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/Forum....,polish [/url]
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Below are the brand names of polishes recommended by a few prominent shoemakers... Crocket & Jones: Dasco Shoe Cream Edward Green Bespoke (Tony Gaziano): Old Cobbler Fine Shoe Polish Perry Ercolino Bespoke Shoes: Cordonnerie Anglaise Grayson
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Thanks, STYLESTUDENT.  You're clearly a most polished gentleman Grayson
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