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Alterations tailor in NYC: hand-sewn buttonholes

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Can anyone recommend an (alterations) tailor in NYC who can do hand-sewn sleeve buttonholes on an Oxxford jacket? Ideally in or around the Financial District, but that's not a strict requirement. Price not important.
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Sewing buttonholes properly is an art and a craft, so given it's an Oxxford garment, you might want to try contacting Oxxford's store on 57th St--Either they can accommodate you or refer you to someone who can. If not, there is a woman at Loro Piana's shop on upper Madison Avenue who is among the best. Don't know her name, but if you need it, PM me and I'll get it for you. Grayson
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How much does it normally run to have working buttonholes added?
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Working buttonholes are rather an anachronism today and don't serve any purpose or offer any advantage (Well, custom clothing is all pretty much anachronistic), and it's tacky to un-do working button holes.  So, if your non-working button holes are already done, don't bother making any changes.  Some twit at another site was hyperventilating over a $80 Polo rag he picked up at some flea market with, gasp, gasp, real working button holes, but my reaction is BFD. Grayson
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I have been using Bhambi for working button holes. All hand-sewn, very dense stitichings. The buttons are properly line up as straight as an arrow and kissing. They charge $10 per hole. They are on 6th fl. in an office building right across from Barneys 60th st. entrance and right next to Borrelli. Grayson, I'd like give her a try. Would you PM me her name and number? Thanks.
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Oxxford's 57th Street store makes sleeve buttonholes well, in my experience. However, since I have been somewhat disappointed with their other on-site alterations in the past (as opposed to the garment that comes out of the Chicago factory, which is a thing of great beauty) I have usually taken my new Oxxford suits to Senol, on East 60th St., who does a very good alterations job, and also left it to him to do the button holes. He charges about $100 for eight sleeve buttons. I have it on good authority that the current alterations man at the 57th Street store is very good. They will work on Oxxford garments that people bring in, although depending on what needs to be done, they will charge for it.
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Rubicon, I was thinking of bringing my old oxxford suits in to the Oxxford store on 57th street for some tweaks - they've already been altered but I wasn't satisfied with some of the results.....I always liked to bring my car to the dealer for service so i reckoned they might be best for an Oxxford suit.

May I ask what specifically you didn't like or would warn against having done? Any advice on what you'd do diffrently if you went there again?

Also, any idea what they charge for basic stuff like hemming pants, shortening sleeves, etc?

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