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where to buy very long shoelaces

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I was wondering where I can find extremely long shoelaces. I am looking because I will wear the shoelace around my waist. Im not going to be using them for shoes haha.

So any suggestions?
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What is the idea behind wearing shoelaces around your wrists? That seems like it might look somewhat odd.
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Fit pics when you receive shoelace belt please.
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If you are so fat that a normal pair of laces won't do, I think Fatshionista is your intended destination.
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the very long shoelace store of course!
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this has to be a joke
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Sorry, I read the "waist" as wrists. But that still seems somewhat awkward... Why wouldn't you just... You know... Buy a belt? That's generally what people use to keep their jeans up. And by the way, Converse stores sell lots of laces for cheap prices. They often sell extra wide extra long laces as well. I have a pair for my chucks which I rarely use... Plain white just seems to work more easily.
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Originally Posted by andyliu52 View Post
this has to be a joke
I'm pretty sure he didn't ask for your opinion. I'm not sure where you would buy long laces but try looking for Doc Marten laces for the 12-hole boots, or something similiar. Long women's boots naturally would have long laces. Maybe try looking there. Good luck and I'm interested to see how this turns out. Don't forget to post a WAYWT if you like the look .
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How long do you want? I'm pretty sure you can find 60"+ laces all day long at Target/Wal-Mart/wherever
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72" leather shoelaces, $2.69 with free shipping
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If you want the cheapest prices I would recommend buying the 72" tan, black, brown/yellow shoelaces at
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