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Oliver Peoples?

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What are your views on their products? Did you ever buy their sunglasses? I'm thinking of ordering Strummer in gold:

Probably the coolest aviators I've seen so far by anyone.

I can get them off ebay for something like 250 is it worth it?
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for aviators I find it hard to go past the classic ray ban, but as for peoples I have heard they are ok, personally I would rather a traditional sunglass company like Maui Jim, Persol, Ray Ban or some other luxottica company..but if you like the style.
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very nice sunglasses, i like that particular shade/color. but you said you were thinking about buying it in gold? i think that color right there is just fine. 250 for sunglasses aren't bad. 250 is a good deal considerng the average price on their online catalog is about 350. and your getting them new right?
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The shade in the picture is called gold, they also have silver which is grey gradient. I am not currently bidding but after surveying ebay most brand new resellers are selling them for about 250.
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I've worn their products in the past. In general, good quality and nice styles.
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Great glasses. Very good quality. I own a pair of the OP, as well as the Mosley Tribes brand which is made by OP. Both are great glasses.
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I'm somewhat of an Oliver Peoples afficianado and have followed them for their entire history, which is quite unique and interesting. OP is very important in eyewear history of the 1980s-90s in that it was very instrumental in setting off a significant retro trend. Then they became more like other designers and eventually reintroduced their own retro vocabularly with some frames.
Regarding quality, however, from personal experience with the three OP (opthalmic) frames I actually owned and wore, I didn't find the frames above average. However, the first two frames were very unusual for our era in that they had zyl tubes wraped around the decorative metal eyepieces, so problems with the tubes discoloring or cracking would not apply to the vast majority of frames. I also have a problem with chemical reaction to many frames - metal or plastic - which discolors frames more quickly than with many individuals, and I'm one who notices the peeling/discoloration more than most people would. All my OP frames experienced this, as they were coated base metal. OP has, however, eventually went in for titanium (I believe) which might fare better.
Just a few remarks which may not apply to the frame you're interested in but you did ask about OP's quality in general.
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I have the Aric model, and love them. The optical clarity is fantastic, and they are very comfortable. The only thing I have that is close are a pair of Salt Optics. Pricey, but good glasses.
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I have the strummer model, nice style and incredibly light, very comfortable to wear.
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I wear both the Oliver peoples and Mosley Tribes and the quality is fine. I like the styles they offer and have many sizes to fit people of all face shapes. I also wear Maui Jims and Persol and do not find one to be better than the others. I do find the OP are a lighter more comfortable than my Maui Jims of the the same size.
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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
I've worn their products in the past. In general, good quality and nice styles.

My experience is the same. Very comfortable and good quality.
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I have the Aero aviator model which I like very much. But I still think OP is over-priced.
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"Paul Allen has a penchant for Oliver Peoples glasses"
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I wouldn't buy them. Once you wear them you won't be able to wear anything else.
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Why would I want to wear anything else :P
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