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Leather color matching

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Thinking about a new wallet (brown- there's a deal on EBay) and gloves (no color selected) Does any "rule" exist about color matching of wallets or gloves with anything else? Shoes, briefcases, belts, who knows?
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What are you going to have two wallets, a black and a brown, and switch all your cash/receipts/cards into one or the other to match your shoes for the day? If there are any rules about matching your wallet to your shoes and belt, they're stupid and no one should follow them. To be honest, if you really matched belt, gloves, shoes, wallet, it would look a bit tacky. I would be much more concerned with the gloves coordinating with the color of my suit jacket than I would be with the belt or shoes.
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What Brian said - don't worry about the wallet - just pick what you like. As for the gloves, just consider the predominant colors of your outerwear and choose the color of gloves that will work the best. I suppose you could get gloves in both black and brown, but if (as in my case) most of your heavy coats that you would ever wear gloves with are either tan (my trenchcoat) or brown (my leather and my suede jacket) than it would just be silly to buy a pair of black gloves. If on the other hand, you wear black or gray overcoats than you may go the other way. Bradford
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I have a pair of dark brown gloves that I bought from Saks that don't look too bad with my black coat.
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Well, I'm a proctologist, so I always wear brown gloves at work to match...er...everything. (geez. I'm just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist. )
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