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Thoughts on these RL C&J Wingtips?

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http://snipurl.com/dhnu So thoughts on price? If you owned these, what slacks/shirts/suits would you pair with them?
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I own them, and I wear them with: -all winter weight suits, flannels, tweeds -more casual trousers, like gray flannels, corduroys -jeans I would avoid any fabrics that are overly sheen or thin, since they might look mismatched with the bulky appearance of these shoes.
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I own the plain toe version of this. First off, if you have narrow bottom trousers, these might look a bit heavy. However, if you trouser bottoms are 18" and wider (typical dress pant width), they'll be fine. I wear them with: Jeans, wool flannel (both odd pants and suits in 3 season weight and heavier, so long as there is some visual texture), cords, heavier cotton pants. They are a perfect shoe. I'm still wondering what role they will play in my wardrobe during the summer, but that's not a big concern. If you get them for $325 or under, it's a steal.
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Great shoes, great price. I've been tempted by this seller's auctions of these -- he's had several. A year ago, I definitely would have bought them, but I've since bought enough shoes to cover any prior "need." I think these are probably most fitting as 3-season shoes -- not really for the heat of July and August. At least that's how I'd probably wear them. Either way, they are undoubtedly solid, well-made shoes and will last you for 20 or more years if properly taken care of.
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I bought those shoes in that size from that seller about two weeks ago. I love them and wear them fairly regularly. As JN3 and Phil mention, they are a bit heavy (double sole, etc), but they are a fine-looking shoe overall. I'd say definitely go for it, esp as there doesn't appear to be much bid competition (yet).
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Agree with Kabert - I wear my shell cordovan shoes in Fall, Winter and Spring with heavier weight fabrics or casual clothes. Very nice shoes and a great price, by the way.
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I have them in 8.5. They are too big for me and are pretty much basically new. PM me if you want to buy them. They are nice, the color is beautiful. ~ Zjpj
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