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Anyone wearing green today?

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Any of you gentlemen wearing green?Not those horrible polyester ties with a white shamrock,I,in tribute to Saint Paddy,I'm wearing a soft green Prince of Wales Mariano Rubinacci suit wirh deep burgundy undertones and a pale yellow overplaid,pale green borelli dress shirt and even paler green (with pink and yellow florets) Borrelli seven fold tie,cordovan Trafalgar alligator belt and Vass Norgovese pebble grained,oxblood laceup shoes.The receptionist already complimented my attire and she's not even Irish .Hmmm,maybe I'll ask her to join me for a green beer after work.  
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I'm wearing a beautiful light green H&K tie with pale green cufflinks. And no...I'm not Irish... Panzer
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As I mentioned over on the Andy Forum, I'll be wearing a green tie with horseheads, green scarf, green fedora. Have a bit of Irish blood (all of it Protestant, to best of my knowledge). Not that genes have religion, but it's such a tribal thing in Ireland that I think most of you know what I mean.
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in addition to my loden cords, i am somewhat unintentionally wearing an orange tee-shirt under my blue oxford. (my irish ancestry is protestant too, AFAIK.) /faustian o'bargain
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No green. Jon.
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I'm wearing a lime green Borrelli button down right now. I bought it at the end of year sale at Neiman's specifically thinking that 3/17 would be a fun time to wear it.
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No green. None. Nope. And in NYC.
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I always wear orange on St. Patrick's Day...
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I always wear orange on St. Patrick's Day...
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I always wear orange on St. Patrick's Day...
Is this why? /andrew
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I do it as a joke to tweak my Irish Catholic friends, as I am one of the WASPiest people you're ever likely to encounter. It's not really a serious political statement...
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My wife wears orange too. She doesnt know the history of the tradition, but her whole family does. Shes half scot/half irish. I did a bit of research about it, and this is what I learned (I may be TOTALLY mistaken however) - You wear orange if you side with the British idea that Northern Ireland should remain part of Britain, while those who wear green want an entirely independant Ireland. Now, this is what I read, it could be wrong. Perhaps it has something to do with a religious divide. My wifes family is Congregational Protestant (basically the New Englanders official religion of the WASP). Maybe Catholic = green, Protestant = orange?
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l don't own any green items.
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I wore my only green tie yesterday. Call me corny, but I love doing things like that. I wear a red tie in Valentines day, a pumpkin Zegna tie on halloween, and Santa cufflinks on Christmas.
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