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Foster's Jermyn St. Captoe Giveaway

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These guys are several years old but never worn, and so for all intents and purposes, they're brand new. Never got around to wearing them and so I'd like to offer them, gratis, to a worthy "sole". They were purchased from Foster's in London, and are a classic black captoe with a strip of brogueing (perforations) along the cap. Size inside the shoes is 10 1/2 E, however they fit me fine and I'm an American 11 D. I'll pick up shipping and so it would be helpful if you reside in the US. Send me a PM and I'll let you know who the "shoe in" is. Thanks. Grayson
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These sound great and are exactly my size. I sent you a PM.
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I think you may get numerous offers of takers. Would you consider a lottery, maybe everyone who wants to be considered makes say a $10 dollar donation to the forum and winner takes all.
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I don't suppose thowing them in the dryer on high would shrink them down to a 9/9.5? The shoe giveaways are very generous, Marc.
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Hi--I'm gonna keep the offer open thru the day so everyone has a bite at the apple. I'm leaning toward a few nice folks who are in college or post-college for whom these shoes would be especially appreciated, but I'll wait and see. Would rather not hold a lottery for this reason. Grayson
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Not my size (and I'm not in the suggested demographic), but kudos on a kind and generous offer to forum members - good for you.
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PM sent.
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