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Canali this a good price?

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I'm most likely going to buy two canali suits tommarow.  I reallly love canali they fit me perfectly off the rack and the four the store had i liked all the styles, not sure what they have left.  The question is am i getting a good deal, i think i am but would like others opinions.  They are $550 each but ihave to buy two, which i will gladly do.  What are others thoughts?  At that price what could i get better?  Gonna go check ebay see what they have to offer in other brands.
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man, that seems like a good price. i paid about that much for a couple of suits at the hugo boss store sale late last year-- my pre-forum days, thus not knowing better. i have a canali suit from around '98 and it's still in great condition. it doesn't look dated either. i say, if you like it...go for it. their styles are very attractive. btw where is this sale? thanks.
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Good price, but not a screaming deal.  Canalis sell at Filene's Basement in DC for $600 on sale.  The cheapest price I have ever gotten is $450 on the day after Thanksgiving.
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I've bought some Canalis from bluefly for $300 or so with the bluesale and 20% coupon, but $550 isn't a terrible price if you know the suits will fit you perfectly and if you really like them.
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Good price. You can sometimes find $2500 suits at that price, but it is rare. Everyone on this board can throw out a story about how they got a Barbera for $400, a Belvest for $300, or a Canali for $225. But few can say that they found those deals at the precise time they absolutely needed a suit. Plus, there is a value in buying from a bricks and mortar. The days of $300 Canalis on Bluefly are long gone, I'm afraid.
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Yeh i went ahead and bought them. Canalis off the rack fit me near perfect, besides sleeve length but everywhere else its great. The one i wanted, was this multi colored stripe but it was short sadly. I bought the other two at off 5th for their designer event plus 10% for signing up for a card. Also got four canali ties for $35 each. I keep hearing about canalis at bluefly but i have never seen and i guess never will. Found a barbera yesterday at century 21 for $400 i think it was but it was this midnight blue and didn't need that color so passed that up. All in all i think i got a good deal but have to wait for them to ship me my suits. If anyone is going to woobury commons checks saks for canali they had about 15 left. Mostly 44R's. and two 38s and should be like 3 38R for all my competition out there.
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Spoke to soon,i just check bluefly and they have a few canalis but none at $300
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Demeis, good think you didn't go with the Barbera. C21 carries the "Club" line, which is a fused diffusion line and all in all a pretty crappy suit for the price.
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Yeh i didn't really look at it. Just saw it as a barbera looked at the color and said its not for me and kept walking. Good thing to know for the future though.
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Canali is a great brand. Can't go wrong. They have a line of Super 120s suits that are very nice.
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I can't understand why you intend to buy a suit over e-bay. The right fit of a suit is very important and I don't think that you can find the perfect suit on the internet without having a very lucky day. I normally have to try more than 10 suits before i find the perfect one... My suggestion: Take your money and go to different stores to find the best for your needs (i would recommend Helmut Lang, Valentino, Prada or Kiton for a good suit).
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Many people know their measurements and can predict to a good level of accuracy how well a suit will fit when they purchase it over ebay. I have had a good deal of success with this method. Also, 90% or higher savings are attractive to many people.
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